Vape Nation: Should you make the switch to E-Cigarettes?

It’s easy to see that the driver in the car in front of you is vaping. How can you tell, you ask? A long, thick stream of vapor exits through the open window ahead. The vapor dances gently in the wind and then seems to dissipate into the surroundings. It is almost a beautiful sight to behold.

Vaping is the new buzzword. Everyone wants to try it. Is it better for your health? Before making the switch, it is vital to know the facts.

Vaping and smoking cigarettes for many is the very same thing. This is mainly due to vaping being relatively a new phenomenon. The statement that smoking cigarettes and vaping is the same thing could not be further from the truth.

The Differences Between Vaping and Regular Smoking

Credit: Aliaksandr Barouski

Factually, there are many differences between the two. The most obvious being that vaping is tobacco-free. At times, vaping can also be completely odourless. This is dependent on the flavor of E-liquid that you purchase for your e-cigarette.

E-liquids are used in e-cigarettes. These may or may not contain nicotine (both options are available). Distributors offer a massive selection of different brands. A range of flavors awaits. Most E-liquids produce pleasant odors.

Vaping also contains less harmful toxins and chemicals than regular cigarettes do. On-going surveys show that regular smokers would like to lead a healthier lifestyle. After making the switch to e-cigarettes, most people claim that they feel fitter and generally in better health.

The Cost Factor

People tend to assume that vaping is the more expensive option. This is mainly due to the initial outlay to purchase the device or e-cigarette. Once again, this is not true. While the initial cost may be a bit more than a pack of cigarettes, the weekly or monthly cost will prove to be a lot less than purchasing cigarettes.

The E-liquid generally costs a lot less than a pack of cigarettes does and lot’s of times companies give away amazing coupons. At the same time, you can control the amount of liquid you use at one time. This means you can smoke a little or a lot with minimal wastage.

Different brands are available at varying costs. Be careful of low-quality E-liquids as they may contain harmful ingredients.

The Verdict

As is the case with many of life’s experiences, people make choices and have their unique preferences. While some may prefer the stock standard cigarette, others may opt for the wide variety of flavors vaping offers. While some smokers may switch over to vaping for perceived health reasons, others may use the switch as a stepping stone to complete abstinence.

Some statistics show that vaping may be a safer, healthier option. This does not mean that vaping is not without potential hazards. Whatever your preference, always make sure to know the facts before making your decision.

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