Valley League elects Bruce Alger president, commissioner

Following the retirement of Don Lemish, the Valley League Board of Directors has elected Bruce Alger as the new VBL President and Commissioner.

valley league“Fifty-two years ago I started my tenure in the Valley Baseball League hanging numbers on the old scoreboard at Rebel Park,” said Alger. “I never could have dreamed or even imagined the day would come that I would be selected as League Commissioner and President. It’s been a fantastic journey over the years that has left me with many wonderful memories. It has become one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifetime.”

“I have served as the Executive Vice President of the Valley Baseball League for over ten years under two outstanding leaders, Dave Biery and Don Lemish,” Alger added. “Although they each had different and very distinct management skills, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from each of them. I can easily incorporate that knowledge, and the success the league gained from that, into my own leadership characteristics as I strive to continue the positive momentum that has been passed on to me in promoting the Valley Baseball League nationwide. I very humbly accept the responsibilities and importance of the position in reaching for that goal.”

Lemish, who joined the league as Assistant to the President in 2011 and took over operations as President and Commissioner in November 2012, announced last week to the Board of Directors his intent to retire immediately.

Lemish said his age and a desire to spend more time with grandchildren at a second home in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. weighed heavily on his decision to retire from the position. He indicated it would not be prudent to try to run the league from such a distance.

Lemish cited the league’s Board of Directors as a group of “hard-working, baseball-loving, knowledgeable, volunteers who give so much of themselves for so little credit.” Their work and advice have made running the league a “special joy.”

Alger echoed that praise of the league’s staff and team representatives. “I have a tremendous group of high-quality, community leaders with the utmost integrity, serving as Officers and Board members,” he said. “They do the right things for the right reasons and I am looking forward to working with each of them as we attempt to raise the bar as a league united in accepting the challenges that await us. It is a very exciting opportunity as well as a significant challenge to take what is already a very successful organization to the next level. It will be a pleasure and honor for me to lead the charge as I represent all of the organizations and their people within the Valley Baseball League to the executives of the National Association of Collegiate Summer Baseball, Major League Baseball and beyond.”

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