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Vacation in Virginia’s Blue Ridge: Without leaving home

visit virginia's blue ridgeEven though many folks aren’t ready to travel yet, Virginia’s Blue Ridge remains a top-of-mind destination through a recently launched digital campaign.

Six Imperfect Substitutions, presented by the tourism office Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge, creatively turns some of the region’s popular attractions into an easy to re-create DIY experience with common household items.

The Six Imperfect Substitutions to experience Virginia’s Blue Ridge from home include:

  1. Cyclocross Substitute – a fast-paced, off-road bike race including various obstacles and barriers.
  2. DIY Dixie Caverns – Living rock formation in Salem, VA.
  3. Makeshift McAfee  – most photographed spot along the Appalachian Trail, a bucket list hike.
  4. Not Quite Texas Tavern – a 24/7 classic lunch counter and late night eatery that seats 1,000…10 at a time.
  5. Roaring Run Replacement – waterfall hike near a historic 19th century iron ore furnace.
  6. Simulated Stiles Falls – stunning 40-ft waterfall hike in Shawsville, VA.

Shannon Terry, marketing manager at Visit VBR created the campaign.

“With my favorite local establishments temporarily closed, I personally started to feel the effects of cabin fever and began brainstorming ways to entertain myself,” said Terry. “What started as a personal joke turned into a light-hearted way to showcase the cool spots in the region that people are missing.”

Whether people try to actually re-create the experience or not, these imperfect substitutions are meant to make people smile when they think about planning a future trip to Virginia’s Blue Ridge once the time is right.

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