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Vacation in Morocco: Must see attractions

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Morocco is a land that is steeped in culture and traditions and is also blessed by nature. Here in this country, you can find the best scenery you will encounter in the whole of Northern Africa, you can enjoy the desert, and you can enjoy the coast as well as travel high on the mountains. There are many other attractions that this country has to offer and whenever you are planning your Morocco vacations make sure you visit the following:

Marrakesh Medina:

This bustling market is a must see for all tourists. You can encounter snake charmers, musicians and acrobats here, not to mention the many stalls where you can buy keepsakes. The hustle and bustle of the medina can really overawe you if you are visiting for the first time. But it is an experience which you will never forget.


It is one of the erstwhile capitals of Morocco and lies in the Northern part of the country. If you are a history buff, you will love this place. You can wander and explore the Royal Palace and other architectural sites. For the devout a visit to the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail is a must. You should also visit the Bab Mansour Gate when you are here on your Morocco vacations.

Hassan II Mosque:

This is one of the major attractions in Casablanca. The intricate architecture which involves marble, mosaic and tiles was completed in 1993 by more than ten thousand skilled workers. The craftsmanship should be seen to be believed.

Oudaias Kasbah:

This Kasbah is in Rabat the capital city of Morocco. It is a very picturesque place and the whole place is painted neatly in blue and white. Most tourists visit the place to capture the beautiful atmosphere here. It is not very crowded here as tourists usually flock to Marrakesh or Fes which are better known than this place. Explore the Kasbah to your heart’s content on your Morocco vacations.

High Atlas:

This mountain range is the highest in all of North Africa and the locals call it the ‘Mountain of Mountains’. This is the best place for trekkers and hikers. The weather is great for hiking during spring, so plan your Morocco tours then. The Jebel Toubkal is a major tourist attraction, which you should not miss.


People who visit Morocco have Fes in their itinerary always. It is not as big as Marrakesh but it is quite popular among tourists. The old city is where most tourists head to. The maze like alleys and the doors of houses are a big attraction. You can get lost in the alleys, so be careful. Tourists love to take plenty of photographs in the old city. If you like picture perfect photographs then head to Fes.


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Volubilis has still not been completely excavated. The Roman ruins are a magnet for tourists and for those who love history. One gets awestruck looking at the columns and the reminder of the great Roman Empire. It is a lesson that not everything lasts forever. It is also a reminder that there were great empires who allowed art and architecture to flourish. Getting to Volubilis is easy; you can arrange a day trip from Fes or Meknes. You can explore the ruins in one day; if you take it slow you can cover the ruins in a day and a half.


It is a quiet town by the sea and you can have fun exploring it. The food here is great and sea food lovers will particularly love it. You can surf in the beach or just enjoy in the sand.

Erg Chebbi:

What is the point of visiting Morocco if you do not visit the desert? For those who love desert adventure sports, Erg Chebbi is the place to head to. You can surf in the dunes, drive a four wheel drive around the sand dunes or trek the desert on camels. Trekking on camels is really fun and many tourists make it a point to enjoy this activity. Tourists can stay at desert camps and enjoy the quiet of the desert at night.

Rif Mountains:

For the nature lovers and trekkers, Rif Mountain is manna from heaven. It is lush green and there are many trails where hikers and bikers can travel and enjoy the nature. Talassemtane National Park is one of the places most tourists head to in the Rif Mountains. There are many trails for trekking here.


This town is in the middle of the Rif Mountains and it is well known for its blue buildings. Many photographs of this town can be found in Instagram and other social media websites. Tourists are interested in visiting the place because of these social media posts. The town is a great place to visit if you are tired of being in the cities for a long time. The laidback lifestyle and the peacefulness should be experienced by one and all.

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