UVA Basketball: Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, De’Andre Hunter on win over William & Mary

UVA basketballUVA Guard Kyle Guy

On the play where you flexed after the shot:
“I was flexing for anybody who wanted to see it. Coach always gives me a hard time because I don’t always get back like I’m supposed to cause I like to try and get offensive rebounds.”

On recovering quickly to guard three point shooters:
“That was a tough offense to guard. Coach [Brad] Soderberg did a great job of preparing us. The managers and walk-ons were coming in early for practice to make sure they were running it as hard as they can and as efficiently as they could. So that really helped us disrupt their shots and know where they were going to be at times. I don’t really think we got beat back door too many times – I know I did once. I think it was a well-coached game.”

On rounding out their game in preparation for conference play:
“I don’t think there’s one thing that stands out, I think it’s like Ty said: just tightening up things. I think one of our strong suits is that we never really panic – and [DeAndre] hit on that too. It’s a game of runs, so teams are going to have their hot shooting streaks and their cold ones. I think [we need to] tighten up rebounding, taking care of the ball and be calm in the heat of the moment.”

UVA Guard Ty Jerome

On where you guys are and what needs to happen next:
“I think we have had a good 11 games. Coach said, before the game, that we should be proud of what we have done up to this point, but it only gets tougher. We have a game against Marshall, which is a good team, and then we are heading into conference play so we have to go home, rest, and be ready to practice. It’s not even things to improve, but it’s just tightening up our game as we go along.”

On the reasons for the rebounding advantage tonight:
“I think everyone did a god job of getting rebounds. Whoever was guarding their five-man had their hands full trying to keep him off the glass and trying to keep him in front and banging with him. It was [the guards’] job to come back and rebound the ball as a team, and we did a good job of that today.”

On what Mamadi Diakite has contributed to the starting lineup:
“I think it’s just a different look from Kihei [Clark]. We go a little bigger when Mamadi is on the floor [with] a little more interior scoring. When Kihei comes back in we get that four-guard look, more pressure on the ball, a little more up-tempo. Being able to go to both looks is going to be big for us down the road.”

UVA Guard De’Andre Hunter

On being more aggressive offensively this evening:
“Definitely. In the past two games, I have been kind of passive and kind of letting the game come to me, and I just tried to be more assertive this game.”

On if you were looking to pick up fouls on Knight
“Not really. I was just playing the game. He was guarding me, so I just took it to him, and he got a couple fouls.”

On having two big runs and whether you got slack when you got the big early lead:
“We definitely tried turning the ball over at the end of the first half, and definitely let them back into the game. The second half they start hitting a couple threes, and went on a little run, but we have been here and we’ve gone through games where we don’t score as much and the other teams get a little momentum. We just get back to what we do, play defense and run offense, and I feel like we really did that.”

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