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UVA basketball coach Tony Bennett on big win over #9 Florida State

tony bennett uva basketballOn offense of Braxton Key:
“He’s had a couple of real good practices, defensively he’s been really good in position, and I told him that. Offensively, I thought he really let the game come, took the open shots when they were there and attacked when it was there. That’s his game. He’s kind of a complete player who does a little bit of everything and understands how to play. I was just as pleased with his defense as his offense. Ty [Jerome] and DeAndre [Hunter] offensively weren’t scoring like they had been so the way Kyle [Guy] played in the first half offensively was a shooting clinic and then to see Braxton [Key], that was good that he stepped up. Florida State guarded us tough in the second half. We got some good looks but they made it harder and we weren’t quite at the same clip.”

On defense:
“We were locked in and we were ready to play defensively. Our length, our slides, we contested stuff. Did they miss some shots? Yes. Were we perfect? No. But we said we’re going to work, and at half time I said, ‘If you can, win this with your defense’. Offense we’ve talked about many times can come and go but defensively you just have to make them shoot a contested shot, we have to make them earn their shots, not give them second chance points. I think we did that at a very acceptable level for us.”

On high amount of points off turnovers:
“Well at the end they might have scored a few off of our turnovers but I think we were active, the crowd was great, our guys they were locked in. At times when we’re playing we have some versatility size wise and you have some bigger bodies on the floor, whether it’s Braxton [Key] and DeAndre [Hunter] or Jack [Salt] and Mamadi [Diakite], with all their size, that’s pretty good. We clogged up some lanes, we showed on ball screens, and got back quick. Florida State, they weren’t on their game so I understand that, but we took care of what we had to take care of.”

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