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Useful video editing tips that will help you create the perfect video resume

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Are you new to the job market or have been looking for one since forever now? If yes, you might be wondering why in spite of having all the necessary skills and qualifications, you are unable to stand out among the crowd and get selected.

The answer is here for you, and it’s very simple – video resumes. They are the new trend, and here to stay. Wondering how an armature like yourself can go about this whole process? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Keep it short

When it comes to video resumes, it is important for you, as the candidate to consider the fact that your recruiter might be looking at more than a hundred videos a day (yes, it happens). This is excluding the number of CVs that they will be receiving in the form of a PDF.

So, the important thing to consider here is that you keep your video extremely short, and to the point. During the course of this whole video, you have to give a brief background about yourself, your past experience, education, and the goals you have planned to achieve in the future.

Fitting all of this in under 1 or 2 minutes is extremely critical. Prepare a speech beforehand for better results and keep the content extremely concise.

2. Select a suitable template

If you plan to use online video editors, you will find that they have pre-existing templates wherein you can edit your content. This helps give you a basic structure to your videos, wherein you just need to add parts of your own video.

Using these online editors is extremely easy since they come with a convenient user interface that is suitable for all beginners. They also offer a plethora of templates right from birthday or party invitations to exciting announcements, etc. You can choose a template that works best for you and suits the tone of your video, and make your resume accordingly

3. Keep one common introduction

This method is extremely efficient and convenient if you are going to send out your video resume to more than one recruiter. Depending on the type of recruiter, position, or company that you are applying for, your content can vary.

But this does not mean that you shoot a new intro every time you have to send one to a new recruiter. It is basic knowledge that throughout all your videos, one thing will remain constant- the introduction you give about your own background.

Shoot a common intro for all your video resumes, and edit it using the intro maker you can find online. However, there is one point of caution here- make sure your background and outfit is similar to the one you used for the intro. These small tips will make your process much easier and shorter if they are used wisely.

4. Exclude enhancers

Looking at the number of effects and enhancers that are available online, it might be tempting to use one of them in your own video too. But remember the type of setting your video is based in. Having effects like confetti, fire, or smoke will definitely look bad for your video.

It not only gives your recruiter a feeling that you are not professional enough, but also makes them think that you do not understand the tone of a situation, and what type of effect should be used in specific areas. The same thing goes with stickers. There are a lot of stickers available on these websites. While these might look good for videos that are for personal use, a professional setting wouldn’t be very suitable for them.

5. Use a professional effect

Effects are something that is so subtly put in a video that a regular viewer does not even realize that they are there. Even though they are so difficult to find, these effects or filters help set the whole tone of the video.

You might have noticed them sometimes, though. During this, you might have seen that for dramatic or comical videos, bright filters are used whereas, in scenes with a lot of suspense or thrill, dark themes are used. Mostly grey or blue colors are predominant in these types of settings.

6. Include supporting text

Assuming your video is under one or two minutes and definitely not exceeding this time frame, you might struggle with incorporating all important information in this short time frame. To solve this dilemma, you can consider supplementing your video with some basic pointers in the form of text.

Doing this will give your viewer a lot of context into what you mean to say and also support the new information you are feeding them with. While doing this, it is important to take into consideration what a suitable typeface will be, along with color too. Don’t use funky or large text; keep it simple and to the point.

7. Refine the audio

While recording, you might observe that despite taking all the necessary steps, your video has a bit of unclear audio and needs to be resolved. You can do this by refining the audio and making it more crisp and clear.

Having disturbances in sound is very unappealing and can leave a bad impression on your viewer. This will also limit your chances of getting hired. Doing this will also show how professional your content is.

8. End with an appropriate outro

It is important to sign off on a good note and make sure that you mention something along the lines of how grateful you would be to hear back from them. Just like an email, show your eagerness and wish to work with them while ending the video.

This shows initiative on your part and also gives a satisfying end to your video. If you want, just like the intro, you can also shoot a standard outro for all your resumes. Also, you can always visit to come up with an outro that’s a sure-fire winner.


One of the most important things during all this is to make sure you don’t get too self-involved. State your achievements and goals, but don’t start boasting about them. It is unpleasant to watch and not a good personality trait.

Other than that, if you follow these tips,  and learn how to edit videos for YouTube, you are good to go! Make your own resume today and see an evident change in the way recruiters perceive your application.

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