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Used containers for rental storage for sale at

The new market involving shipping containers has brought upon a new demand for used containers. People everywhere are buying and renting shipping containers for home construction, custom projects, and even rental storage. In this article, we’re going to give you an example and explain the detail of used containers for rental storage for sale at Shipped.

What is Shipped?

Shipped. com is a new and used container web store where you can buy, rent to own, or even just rent shipping containers for storage purposes. Shipped started out as a group of people that wanted to bring a revolutionary demand for the shipping container industry. They bought the shipped. com domain and created an online marketplace to teach people how to use shipping containers for various things, as well as how you buy them on the internet.

They expanded later on to include renting to own as an option and learned how to bring wholesale prices to customers for shipping containers. They quickly have become the entire world’s biggest shipping container purchasing site.

How does it work?

When you’re wanting to rent a shipping container, you’re not exactly wanting to purchase it, but you can easily save money and time by not having to go to a storage unit facility to spend outrageous prices. Not only this, but you can literally store things that you need right there in your own back yard! You pay the first month, as well as a delivery/installation fee, and they bring the shipping container right to your doorstep. Then it’s yours for a flat rental rate per month.

What Could I Use a Rental Container for?

Rental containers are extremely sturdy and many of them are weatherproof. You can choose your location, have it delivered to you, and store numerous things in it. From personal belongings, to outdoor equipment (lawnmowers, yard equipment, tools, and more), you can easily take advantage of having an extra 20 foot or larger room available to use for storage. One good reason to do this is because when we move to new homes, should you have to downsize, you can still avoid having to go to a storage unit facility and enjoy being able to have your belongings not far from you.

What about a Credit Check?

If you are wanting to rent a shipping container, there is no credit check involved. All you have to do is verify income and identification (or business authorization if you are a business), as well as basic address ownership verification. Just like any other rental or rent-to-own property, that’s all you need in order to rent a storage unit through Shipped. com

Conclusion: The best?

While you can rent and purchase new items, you should expect to spend more money on them. By choosing a used shipping container for rental storage, you can actually save a lot more money as compared to renting a brand new one. The reason being is that these containers are often considered as is (they are still heavily inspected to make sure they’re in excellent shape for you, otherwise they wouldn’t be worth renting). If you’re wanting to have a little bit of extra storage room for your business or home, renting or renting to own a shipping container may definitely be the way to go.

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