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Upcoming online sports events

Upcoming online sports events
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Many exciting sports events will be held this year. Some of them are important events in specific sports while others are international competitions. If you are a sports enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy the IAAF World Championships, Cricket World Cup, Asian Games, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Amateur bettors can learn how to bet on sports online by consulting reputable tipsters. We present to you seven top upcoming online sports events.

1. Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup is normally held annually in June. The finals finalize the regular NHL season. It is uncertain about where this year’s finals will be held. They will feature a series of seven games since the conference champions will compete for the highly coveted Stanley Cup.

2. UEFA Nations League Finals

This year’s UEFA League Finals will be held from 5th to 9th June in Guimaraes and Porto, Portugal. They will feature England, Holland, Switzerland, and Portugal. England will face Holland while Portugal will face Switzerland in the semi-finals.

3. MLB London 2019

American Sports and the Major League Baseball have been arch-rivals for long. Boston Red Sox will face the New York Yankees on 30 June in London. The game is expected might attract huge crowds from Britain and the U.S.

4. Tennis Wimbledon Championships

This year’s Wimbledon Championships will be held from 1 to 14 July at All England Club, London. It will be played on grass. Tennis fans can check out the Wimbledon website to purchase tickets.

5. Tour de France

Tour de France is among the most popular cycling tour races. It is a 21-stage sports event. This year’s cycling race will start in Brussels and end in Paris between July 6 and 28. It is advisable to register for the race in advance.

6. NBA Finals

The ordinary NBA season will end in June. However, the event’s organizers have not yet chosen the location of the 2019 NBA finals. They might be held in Houston, Francisco or Toronto. Nevertheless, the event will comprise several quick series that will entertain basketball fans.

7. MLB All-Star Game

The 2019 MLB All-Star match will be held on July 9 in Cleveland, Ohio. It features champions from the National League and American League. The game takes place in the middle of the MLB season.

Many people are often in a dilemma to choose which sports events to attend. It is necessary to plan especially if the event will be held at a distant town. There are numerous events to watch this year. American football, volleyball, athletics, and car racing fans have a wide variety of events to select.