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Unemployment up in Va.; Dems blame McDonnell

The Virginia Employment Commission announced on Friday that the number of unemployed Virginians grew considerably in the month of August even as national unemployment rates declined.

“It’s disappointing to see Virginia’s unemployment rate head in the wrong direction, particularly when the national rate decreased over the same amount of time,” said DPVA Executive Director David Mills. “With more than 9,500 Virginians newly out of work, it’s a shame that Gov. Bob McDonnell declined to meet with President Obama when he came to Richmond last week to talk about putting Americans back on the job.”

“It is worth asking whether Governor Bob McDonnell’s focus on boosting his own national profile is distracting him from creating new jobs for unemployed Virginians and doing everything he can to keep companies from laying people off.  If ever there was a time for the governor to put his political ambitions aside and devote himself to getting Virginians back to work the time is now.”

The number of unemployed Virginians grew by 9,535 in the month of August. The unadjusted Virginia unemployment rate increased by .03 percent in August while the national rate fell by .02 percent. The seasonally adjusted rate in Virginia rose by .02 percent in August while the seasonally adjusted national rate remained stable.

Last week President Obama came to Richmond to talk about putting more Americans back to work. McDonnell declined to meet with the president to talk about jobs due to a pre-standing political fundraiser.