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Understanding the marketing funnel: 5 strategies to improve your email marketing

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Marketing is the key to business survival. This remains true as true in the modern digital age as it has ever been. Of course, the approach today is very different. Email should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. This will help to ensure you’re making the most out of your marketing funnel and the prospects available to you.

Here are 5 strategies you can employ to make the most of your email marketing.

  1. The Marketing Funnel

The first step to improved email marketing is to understand what the marketing funnel is. The idea is that you have different stages of marketing arranged in a funnel shape. The further you go through the stage the harder it will be to get out of the top, the only exit will be through purchasing what you’re offering.

Converting as many prospects as possible is essential to the success of any marketing strategy.

The marketing funnel can be broken down into four stages. The first is awareness of who you are and what you’re offering.

Second stage is ensuring the people that have just become aware of you are considering you as a prospect.

The third stage is when they are converted and purchase something from you.

Finally, the fourth stage is creating loyalty, ensuring repeat business in the future.

Understanding the marketing funnel is crucial to using it to improve your marketing strategy.

  1. Educational Emails

People love to receive something for nothing. This is good for you and can help you drag people through the first two stages of your funnel!

An email that gives educational content away for free will raise awareness of who you are and what you offer. But, choosing educational content takes this a step further than just awareness. It demonstrates your knowledge in the subject and establishes you as an authority.

That garners respect and helps potential customers feel confident that your product or service is the right one for them.

  1. Be Their Friend

Having flagged their interest and assured them you know what they’re talking about you should continue to supply them with useful and practical information. Of course, this should be centered around what you’re selling. But, you’re going for a friendly approach, not a sales approach.

This is important as you’re looking to build rapport and trust. Taking the time to do this will increase the likelihood of creating loyal customers, that’s good for repeat business.

  1. Know Your Stats

In order to successfully adjust or maintain a specific approach to marketing, you need to know how successful your current approach is. This is when you need to get Google data studio templates. It will help you to see your current situation and how your data is being received by potential customers.

Understanding the reports generated will enable you to increase page views, conversions, and decrease the average bounce rate.

In short, knowing your current information will allow you to change the way you do things for the better.

  1. Conversion

The aim of any marketing strategy is converting the visitor into a customer. Once they are aware of who you are and can see the benefit of your product you need to start sending sales emails.

You don’t want to overwhelm. Instead offer a welcome discount, a free trial, or a reward if they sign up. But, here’s the crunch, make it a time-limited offer. It will encourage them to take the final step. IF your product is as good as it says it is that’s all you need. Plenty of good after-sales support will ensure they keep coming back.

That’s it, all you need to do is create the right selection of emails and send them off to people as they hit different stages of your funnel. It won’t be long before you notice the difference.

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