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U.S. states comparison: Arizona vs Virginia

A new year always brings new options and new choices to be made. Should we expect less from 2019? Undoubtedly not. It is in human nature to always strive for the better, explore alternatives and make choices. Were you to choose between Arizona and Virginia this year, what would be your final choice? The following Arizona vs Virginia comparison might introduce you to the most important aspects of life in these two states and both the existing and expected trends in the current year. The results will also be indicative of how well these two states perform for their citizens.

Arizona vs Virginia – Fact File

Although Arizona is more than twice as big as Virginia, it is considerably less populous. Also known as the Grand Canyon State, Arizona is situated on 295,234km² and has a population of 7,171,646. The state prides itself in its extraordinary capital Phoenix which is also the largest city in the state. On the other hand, the total area of Virginia is 110,787km². The capital of the state is Richmond and the number of the state’s citizens equals 8,470,020. Once a state which fiercely supported slavery and thrived on it, Virginia has become a real cultural melting-pot and ethnically highly diverse. Interestingly, it also prides itself on being the state of birth of four American presidents.

Arizona vs Virginia – Health Care

Health care is one of the crucial factors when examining the quality of life in a given state. While certain groups of citizens have easy access to high-quality health care, others have to overcome numerous barriers to be able to receive even basic health services. Unsurprisingly, the situation is not at all different in both Arizona and Virginia. However, it seems that, despite the higher percentage of people with no health insurance, Arizona succeeds in making its health services more affordable and achieves a more favorable overall health situation.

arizona vs virginia

Arizona vs Virginia – Education

When it comes to education, the citizens of Virginia are among the most educated and knowledgeable people in the US. The high school graduation rate here is 85.7%, which is above the national average. In addition, the state makes a serious effort both to prepare its students well for college and to know at any point what American universities offer. Conversely, the situation is different in Arizona, where the lack of investment in preparing students for college is evident.

Arizona vs Virginia – Economy

The question of a state’s economy is very serious and complex. Numerous factors should be taken into account before making any conclusions on the subject. When it comes to Arizona and Virginia, each state has its strong points and downsides in the field. Firstly, it is expected that the economic growth in Arizona will be much higher in the future than in Virginia. Conversely, job opportunities in Virginia are both more diverse and more numerous. The unemployment rate in Virginia of 2.8% proves this when compared to that of Arizona which is 4.8%. Finally, both states are considered to be favorable business environments for those who want to influence and eventually change the business scene. By bringing innovations and pursuing their business aspirations, these innovators can be a refreshing and yet strong support to a state’s economy. For example, cut flower production is very popular in Virginia and we can say very developed, too. Cut flower growers’ conference in March might introduce some further novelties and improvements in this field.

Arizona vs Virginia – Opportunity

The question of opportunity in a state is intrinsically related to the ability of its citizens to earn a decent salary that enables them to pay for the costs of living easily. Both Arizona and Virginia have the cost of living which is slightly below the national average. However, the poverty rate of 16.4% in Arizona is considerably higher when compared to 11% in Virginia. The main reason for this situation may be in the fact that the population growth in Arizona is among the highest in the US. A vast number of people decide to move to Phoenix. In addition, people decide to move to Tucson pretty often, too. Unsurprisingly, the difference in the fast-growing population and insufficient job opportunities inevitably results in these difficulties.

Arizona vs Virginia – Infrastructure

When it comes to infrastructure, this aspect is much more favorable in Arizona. Firstly, renewable energy usage is considerably higher. Secondly, internet accessibility is much better in this state as well. Finally, the quality of transportation infrastructure is at a higher level, too. Consequently, Virginia is taking some steps to improve its rankings in this field. The state is preparing for one of the biggest projects in its history related to transportation infrastructure. This may be a giant step forward.

Arizona vs Virginia – Crime and Corrections

Safety is of utmost importance for a state’s citizens. Unsurprisingly, the crime rate and efficiency of a state’s prison system are crucial when judging a state’s quality. In case of Arizona vs Virginia, Virginia is considerably safer. Actually, we can say that this is one of the safest states in the US. The great amounts of money it invests into corrections cannot but pay off in the end. Virginia successfully handles crime and promotes public safety on a regular basis.

Arizona vs Virginia – Fiscal Stability

It is evident that Arizona has to apply some measures to improve both long and short-term fiscal stability. Unlike Virginia, it has been experiencing some problems to cope with the current obligations and yet secure a stable and prosperous future. On the other side, both states are in serious difficulty when meeting immediate financial obligations is necessary. Both Arizona and Virginia have to create a balanced budget and provide accessibility to the capital high enough to cover all short-term liabilities.

Arizona vs Virginia – Quality of Life

The quality of life is determined by the quality of the natural environment that provides people with overall well-being and social environment which refers to possible interactions with people in their surroundings. Both Arizona and Virginia are similar in this aspect, although we cannot neglect the fact that more and more people recognize the potential of Arizona and decide to move there. Consequently, professional and reliable moving companies which deserve people’s trust, like the one you can find at, are going through a serious boom.


Having taken all factors into consideration, we find it extremely difficult to make the final judgment concerning the Arizona vs Virginia comparison. Both states are strong in some aspects and also need serious improvement in others. In the end, we can conclude that, with the right development strategy, 2019 can be a significant year for both states.

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