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Two more alarming Virginia house fires in Roanoke and Richmond

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Virginia has been hit by a string of multiple fires on consecutive nights recently, with multiple blazes destroying homes, leaving one dead and in another instance displacing three from their home and causing significant damage.

Although they do happen, seeing multiple fires back to back nights can be scary. California wildfires destroying homes (as this one) is a frequent headline but it’s not often you hear about this in Virginia.

Also, for all the homeowners out there, not only are you looking out for your safety, it also is a reminder to think about what it would be like for you to go through the process of filing an insurance claim, and whether your coverage is good enough in situations like these.

Woman dies in house fire

The first incident was a Richmond home damaged by fire where one woman was found dead by first responders. When first responders found their way to the scene they were required to force entry into the building, which had a car parked in front of it so they presumed somebody was home.

They found the adult woman in the kitchen upon entry, and she was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders.

Trucks from the Richmond Fire Department arrived at 2:44 after smoke was reported coming from the building. After the forced entry, firefighters found heavy smoke throughout the house, and the source of the fire in the kitchen.

After 45 minutes the fire was contained, and it was later determined that the Richmond home damaged by fire was related to an electrical incident.

Three displaced from home after fire

The following day, a Roanoke house fire left three residents displaced as flames consumed a major portion of the home they were in.

Luckily, nobody in the house was injured, and the dog that was inside was also unharmed.

It took firefighters about 15 minutes to finish off the blaze, particularly finding trouble dealing with hot spots in the attic and roof that scorched that part of the building.

Crews were called to the scene after heavy smoke and fire were seen from the building and continued like that until they arrived.

While they did quickly control the flames, firefighters are yet to determine what the actual cause was, and could still take some time given the dangerous situation the blaze left the structure in.

While nobody was injured and fires like these are rare, it is an issue that can be possible for some homeowners and they need to find themselves prepared.

Obviously, having fire protection is a necessity for anybody that is a homeowner, but it can be confusing and stressful to have to deal with that all on top of losing your home in a situation like the Roanoke house fire. Luckily, insurance companies often try to make the situation as easy as possible, even though there can be complexities.

One of the main things for a homeowner to do is to document everything that has been damaged with pictures if possible, and to make sure to list all damaged items to submit to the insurance claim adjuster. This stands as proof for them if there are any disputes down the line.

Not only should you document your things, but also verify the adjuster is legitimately from your company to avoid being scammed. And along with that, keep track of all communications with the adjuster for proof if it needs to be shown later on.

Just know that there is a reason insurance companies cover fire damage for owners and that you are not alone in the process. They should be there to help and assist you in your time of need, and good companies will work along with you throughout the process in order get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Story by Derek Saling

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