Two hearing aids: Your best choice for better hearing

hearing healthcareYou hear with your brain, and your ears are instruments that get information about sound to your brain to process.

When you look at hearing in that way, it makes sense that if you have a hearing loss in both ears, two hearing aids will almost always be the best choice.

This helps your brain receive the information it needs to interpret in difficult listening situations. Compared to one instrument, the overall sound quality and comfort from two is usually better.

A superior new technology called binaural processing lets two hearing aids actually communicate to one another by sharing information through a wireless sound stream. Binaural processing helps you interpret speech in noisy surroundings as it adjusts for subtle volume differences on both sides of your head.

This superior technology also includes a very wide bandwidth, meaning more key sounds reach your brain.

Wireless processing can help people who have a better sense of where the sound is coming from and better understand what people are saying.


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