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Trying to get your business back on track? This may be the way

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After a long and excruciating year of COVID-19, a light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Mass vaccination, planned to be distributed almost immediately, may just be what we need to get life back on track. However, we must remember that what we’re seeing now is just the light at the end of the tunnel, and not the end of hardship. A long road still lies ahead until full recovery from all the damage caused by the disease – especially the financial one.

If you are a freelancer or own a small business, you surely know what we’re talking about. This year hasn’t been easy, and it doesn’t seem like things are getting easier now. On one hand, you need to put yourself out there to get your old clients back (and hopefully some new ones as well), but on the other hand, this long period of instability has left you with money concerns. Well, we may just have a good advertising solution for your needs. Have you ever heard of lead generation? If not, now’s a good time.

Lead generation: What’s it all about?

While the name sounds a bit confusing, the mechanism is pretty simple. In its essence, lead generation is based on the assumption that the advertiser aims not at making a sale, but rather at convincing a potential customer to leave contact details. That way, the advertiser can later make contact and promote the sale via more traditional marketing means, such as an email or a phone call.

The ads usually appear on social media or on popular websites, so they can receive high and accurately targeted exposure. Since a potential client is not persuaded to pay money or make any commitment here, other than leaving personal details, it is much easier to get attention and cooperation on their behalf (and therefore the odds of generating a lead are higher than those of making a sale online). Also, online advertising makes it easy for the advertiser to choose the target audience who is exposed to the message – making lead generation odds even higher.

How can lead generation get your business back on track?

Jonathan Greenwood, spokesperson for Crystalead, a leading digital marketing company specializing in lead generation, explains: “Naturally, campaigning on social media is cheaper than going for more traditional means, like radio or newspaper. The payment is done on a CPL (cost per lead) basis, meaning you pay for every person who leaves their details for you to contact. How much you pay for each one of these leads depends on you – it’s a bidding system.”

Since you get to choose what contact details you want the potential client to leave, you also decide how to contact them and close a sale: by phone, by email, through regular mail, you name it. However, keep in mind that lead generation is ultimately just one step toward sales, and you need to be a good salesperson through your chosen means of communication. If you don’t have that touch, you may want to pay someone to help you with it – a telemarketing specialist, for example.

Bottom line: If you’re a small business owner and you haven’t adopted this strategy yet, you may be missing out. Next time you advertise online, give it a try since it may be suitable for you. True, it’s not for every type of business or service, but you never know how it can help you until you try it yourself – and, as we stated, trying here is not costly at all. This may be your ticket to the economic recovery you’ve been waiting for, for almost a year now.

Can lead generation help me, even if I’m not a business owner?

You may be glad to hear that lead generation is not reserved only for businesses. If you have a sense for marketing and some free time, you can also offer your services as a lead generator for businesses. Platforms like Crystalead and others of the likes offer marketers the chance to collect these leads for a certain commission, and to pass them on to the businesses in need. Are you a skilled marketer? “If there’s anything we learned from the many hours we were stuck at home over 2020, it’s that we have some talents that were previously unknown to us. If marketing is your hidden skill, this may be the time to put it to use,” concluded Greenwood.

Story by Umesh Kumar Keshri

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