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Truth, be damned: More Trump!

donald trumpNice work by Rudy Giuliani, getting the New York Times to help him put pressure on the Mueller investigation, by pulling a fake timeline out of his arse and making it official, on A-1, above the fold.

What is the Times thinking lending credence to anything coming out of Giuliani’s mouth, especially the latest nonsense with him claiming that the Mueller team has told him that it wants to have the inquiry into Everything Trump wrapped up by Sept. 1?

Of course the paper didn’t get anything in the way of confirmation from the Muller side, because logic.

The concession in the piece comes in paragraph eight, where we get a tidbit about how, you know, funny how this might work out, but maybe Giuliani is playing us here, but whatever, we’re running with it.

You could almost think that the Times is in on the parlor trick that the media has been playing with Team Trump since The Donald announced his candidacy in 2015.

You know, how, harrumph, we in the media really, really hate this Trump guy, because he’s a fake lying liar criminal crook, but, damn, he’s good for eyeballs that translate to ad dollars, so, hey, truth be damned, more Trump.

Insert line about the media serving an important role as the watchdog of our democratic system here, then try not to wretch.

Column by Chris Graham