Trump: We have found the leaker, and it’s … you

donald trumpIt’s no secret who “leaked” the supposed questions that Bob Mueller wants to ask President Trump in regard to the ongoing investigation of the Trump campaign, Russian spies and the 2016 election.

Duh, Trump!

Reason we can tell is that POTUS couldn’t let a hand played well be enough, going to Twitter Tuesday morning to complain about the leak, which until he made a federal case of it, you might have assumed had come from somebody on the Mueller team.

But then you would have started thinking, which is dangerous.

Why would the special counsel’s office leak the questions that it wants to ask the president to the media? What does Mueller gain tipping his hand to the New York Times, or anybody else?

It’s odd that Mueller is even negotiating the sitdown with Trump in the first place, when he has the power to subpoena the president and compel him to answer questions at any time.

The idea, then, that Mueller’s team is being up front with Trump’s lawyers about the topics that it wants to go over when they finally do get to this Q and A means POTUS can prep for the session, which you have to think will help him get through the hard parts, and it’s safe to assume the hard parts are pretty much the whole thing, beginning to end.

So, you’re negotiating with Trump’s lawyers over getting him to sit and take questions, you’ve given him the topics to be covered, and now, you just up and tip off the press as to what you’re going to ask?

Why? To put public pressure on Trump to agree to the sitdown?

Again, Mueller has the power of subpoena. He doesn’t need to win whatever battle may ensue in the court of public opinion.

To date, Mueller hasn’t handled the investigation to any degree in the court of public opinion.

Trump, though, as we all know, and are reminded, hourly, can’t function without headlines with his name in them.

His side leaks the questions, through a functionary, and then POTUS gets to complain on Twitter, as he does every chance he gets, that he’s the victim of a witch hunt, that the system is rigged against him, that there is no collusion, that it’s all Crooked Hillary’s fault, because emails.

This is what these chuckers do, and credit to them, because somehow they rode this kind of strategizing all the way to the White House.

Just don’t credit Trump and his minions with playing four-dimensional chess, or whatever nonsense the acolytes claim in his name.

This is barely checkers.

Column by Chris Graham

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