Trump ‘temperamentally unfit’ to serve as commander-in-chief

donald trumpVirginia leaders, veterans and military family members highlighted how Donald Trump and Mike Pence are temperamentally unfit and unqualified to lead the nation.

At a press conference, Virginia Legislative Black Caucus Chair and State Senator Mamie Locke, Delegate Marcia Price and Councilman Cliff Hayes rejected the Trump-Pence campaign’s bigotry and divisiveness and local veterans and military families spoke out against Trump’s record of disrespecting veterans and his dangerous proposals that would threaten our national security.

See what Virginia leaders, veterans and military families had to stay:

“Americans are looking for a president and vice president who can bring people together, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have done nothing but divide us, tearing people down with hateful rhetoric and bigoted policy proposals,” said State Senator Mamie Locke. “Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine know that we are stronger together and that America is built on the strength of our diversity.”

“Trump has refused to apologize or take any accountability for his years of divisive rhetoric, peddling a bigoted attack against our country’s first black president. Instead, he stood up and told more lies about the origin of the conspiracy theory,” said Delegate Marcia Price. “What’s worse is that in absence of that apology, he and Pence continue to push for policies and politics that are steeped in the same sexist, racist and xenophobic philosophies of his earlier career.”

“We have one candidate who has dedicated her life to caring for others and in contrast another candidate who makes fun of the disabled, who makes fun of military heroes, after giving their time and sacrificing,” said Councilman Cliff Hayes. ‘We cannot afford to have Donald Trump and Mike Pence anywhere near the White House.”

“I’m a mother of three with a husband who served,” said Norfolk military spouse Nikia Miller. “Donald Trump is dangerous. And, regardless of how much Mike Pence tries to soften the message that’s presented by his candidate, by Donald Trump, it doesn’t erase the fact that he is a hothead and he is temperamentally unfit to be the president of the United States.”

“The Trump-Pence campaign is insulting to veterans and I can’t support it,” said Coast Guard veteran Nancy McPherson. “I just can’t imagine we would have somebody in the Oval Office that would be so thin-skinned.”

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