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Trump administration finalizing rollback of National Environmental Policy Act

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President Trump is finalizing a rollback to a 50-year-old federal law that requires federal agencies to consider the environmental consequences of infrastructure projects before they are approved.

The administration’s changes to the National Environmental Policy Act are aimed at decreasing the number of infrastructure projects that will be subject to federal review, effectively shortening long permit processes that have historically delayed projects.

Northern Virginia Congressman Don Beyer issued the following statement on the move.

“Despite their claims to the contrary, the Trump administration’s weakening of NEPA standards will not significantly boost the economy, it merely will reduce Americans’ say in what happens in their communities. Eliminating or reducing local input or environmental reviews of major Federal actions would worsen concerns that already existed in Virginia for projects like the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines.

“Climate effects and community impacts deserve more consideration, not less. At a time when demands for racial equality and justice are reaching new highs across the country, the Trump Administration is blatantly ignoring those calls, reinforcing systematic racism to serve the needs of already-powerful special interests.”

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