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Triple threat: Jojo Tua’s rise to success in the entertainment industry 

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Young Hollywood has a lot of talent, but one young man in particular, Jojo Tua, is really making a name for himself in the industry.

His rise to fame began in 2015, and since then he has performed alongside stars Lil Yachty and Kyle at the Teen’s Choice Awards in 2017 and in the same year he had an opening act with John Cena for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Jojo is also a social media influencer who is widely known on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

Where it all started

In addition to being a dancer and social media influencer, Jojo is also an actor. He has appeared in films such as ‘Street Ships’, ‘Please, Just Smile’ and ‘The Deserted’. Numerous commercials add to his long resume, it’s no surprise that he has become so recognizable in the entertainment industry.

His first ever role was in 2015, where he appeared in a short video called ‘Tinaj Sports Academy.’ Soon after that he built his impressive resume with roles in films of various genres and styles. Jojo has worked alongside actors and directors such as Carson Goring, Ella Maio and Dennis Larkin.

Since 2017, Jojo’s career has taken off as he landed bigger roles, such as playing Michael Dishon on ‘Cold Case Files’. He is currently playing a recurring role on HBO’s hit television series Euphoria, where his character appears when the plot thickens. Euphoria is a popular  series based on teenagers navigating through their way through life as they experience drugs, love, sex, friendships and begin to find their identities.

Jojo looks up to actors Chris Pratt and Seth Rogen, he has a strong appreciation for their work in the industry and the good quality content that they produce.

His music career

On the music front, Jojo released two singles during the summer of 2020. In June he released the single ‘Sommer Ray’ which became a huge hit and in August he followed with the release of his second single ‘Space Jam’. His primary genre is rap, but the beats of his songs are very mellow. His style is similar to Post Malone, Juice World, Kid Laroi and Polo G.

Jojo continues to pursue his music career and has more projects along the way that we are looking forward to. Jojo has spent much of his time during the pandemic hard at work in the studio where he enjoys laying down beats with his team. His inspiration to make music and dance never falters.

His dancing

Before the pandemic, we were able to see Jojo perform live where he pulled off some amazing shows, one of which was a performance at the Teen Choice Awards. Since the pandemic began, there have been no live concerts or performances, so we can only admire Jojo’s dancing through the social media apps Tik Tok and Instagram. Tik Tok allows Jojo and other celebrities to show off their dancing and Jojo has done just that.. His smooth moves are so admirable that his videos are trending and followers across the world are obsessed with learning to copy his moves.

His social media

The young dancer also uses Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook in order to express his passion for dancing and showcase his many talents to his followers. The 19 year old actor is a social media mogul and is very popular in his generation, amongst other social media influencers and celebrities. Jojo has a very active profile and there is always high engagement with his music and dancing online.

What’s next for Jojo?

Jojo is still starring in Euphoria and will have other projects lined up, however, given the current global pandemic putting everything at a halt, we can only continue to watch Jojo from afar as well as other celebrities. It has become the norm for entertainers and social media moguls to use the platforms available online in order to stay in touch and connect with fans. Jojo continues to remain very active online as he grows his following with his fan base while taking advantage of the time he has to continue to write music. We look forward to seeing him perform live again soon.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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