Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa on how he expresses his love for Africa through his foundation

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Supporting the endeavors of students in Africa is a high priority for Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa. A business leader and philanthropist, Ayabatwa has been focused on creating opportunities for school children and young people across the continent. Through his work with PTG-HLD and GTS, he has become highly successful.

Ayabatwa’s difficult upbringing made him sympathetic to students’ needs for financial and educational support. He was unable to attend school past the eighth grade, so he is especially passionate about extending educational access for students in Africa.

Through the work of the TRA Foundation, Ayabatwa has provided scholarships and internships for many deserving students. Ayabatwa’s dedication to education and community service inspires others who may be reluctant to give their time and money to deserving causes.

A Love for Africa

Ayabatwa has dedicated his life to helping the children of Africa. His love for Africa has influenced him in every area of his life. When he founded PTG, his goal was to start a truly indigenous company where all of the revenues would stay in Africa and benefit the people living there rather than going abroad to multinational corporations.

His particular interest in education comes from his background and upbringing. While he was not able to attend formal schooling past eighth grade, he learned a great deal on the job. Ayabatwa started as a post office clerk and later became involved in the retail sales and distribution of consumer products. His go-getter attitude helped him succeed in the business world.

Ayabatwa began tobacco farming in the 1970s, producing cigarettes and other products for the African market. His sustainable farming techniques have helped PTG-HLD become an environmentally friendly company to the greatest extent possible.

The Importance of Education

Ayabatwa understands that education is the key to a successful life. He is dedicated to helping students in science, engineering, and technical fields go to high school and college as well as getting their start in the workplace. To this effect, he has begun offering scholarships to deserving students. He also provides internship opportunities for students who need to understand what it takes for success in the workplace.

Ayabatwa is not only interested in higher education. He is also deeply concerned with the education and quality of life of young children in Africa. His foundation has helped to build schools, housing, and infrastructure that directly benefits children and families. Without his assistance in building schools, it is likely that some of these children would not have had a chance at a formal education.

A Dedication to the Children of Africa

Ayabatwa believes that the children of Africa need support in order to succeed in later life. They need to be nurtured as learners and as human beings. With social and economic problems prevalent in Africa and in the rest of the world, the effects of these difficulties can have a far-reaching impact on a child’s life. Working toward a better social environment is one of the best ways to effect change for children.

Children need good role models more than anything. When children are able to look up to educational and business leaders, they are more likely to succeed in their own lives. The example of older adults can give children something to strive for.

Supporting Higher Education

Providing scholarships for high school and college students is another way that Ayabatwa shows his dedication to African youth. Financial access is one of the primary reasons why children do not receive higher education, so scholarship programs are extremely important to this population. With a scholarship, a family does not have to seriously strain its finances to help a child attend college or high school. The student is able to concentrate fully on their work, rather than having to maintain a job outside school.


The TRA Foundation also offers internships for college students and graduates. These internships bring students into the business world and introduce them to the skills and abilities they will need to succeed. These internships are primarily in science and engineering fields, but they will be broadening to cover more areas in the future.


Ayabatwa has helped to build schools in several countries. His program for building schools is one of his most lasting achievements, and he takes pride in his work. A quality school building free of safety issues is one of the keys to student success. When these schools are built and staffed with talented educators, the students will have a better chance of success in their own lives as well as in school.

Supporting the Children of Africa

Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa has a passion for helping students of all ages succeed. While improving the lives of children in Africa, he has built schools, instituted scholarships, and offered internships in some of the continent’s most successful businesses. Ayabatwa understands that education is the foundation of a successful life, and he believes that all children should have the opportunities he himself was denied.

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