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Trends in robotics expected to shape the new decade

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The excitement the beginning of the new decade brought was palpable. It was felt not only in social circles but also in business. Robotics enthusiasts wait with bated breath to see what the industry has in store for the next ten years.

In the last decade, especially the last year, robotics continued to expand. Many industries have been impacted positively by the advancements. Work conditions, as well as product quality, have improved.

Moreover, robots have addressed issues such as shortage of labour and taken dangerous as well as repetitive tasks. They were also able to work collaboratively with humans on the production floor.

All these are great strides that have greatly impacted the workplace. The New Year promises even more goodies from the world of robotics. Technology is, after all, dynamic. What are we likely to see in 2020?

1. Robot Manufacturers Working Together

Robotics experts are likely to team-up to bring in bigger and more innovative robots. You have seen what the industrial robotic arm is capable of. With robot companies taking things to another level, a collaborative effort is highly likely.

Gripper companies may team up to brainstorm for new robotic arm applications. End-user companies may work together to figure out the next step in manufacturing. Experts working together will take robotics to a whole new level in the new decade.

Also, there are emerging markets that are largely untouched by robotics. Robotics gurus have the challenge to come up with automation solutions for these markets.

2. Cobots and Industrial Robots Comparisons Will Cease

The two types of robots will simply be accepted as robotics technology. There will be fewer arguments about which is better than the other. In fact, collaborative robots have increased in size and their speed has also increased.

Moreover, industrial robots are also able to slow down and work alongside humans. When companies decide to buy robots, they will consider factors such as:

  • The processes and applications to be automated
  • The speed of completing the process
  • Whether there is a need for human workers

It will no longer about whether to go industrial or cobot.   This is not to mean cobots will no longer be needed, of course. However, with the ability to fit sensors to industrial robots, cobots may be more useful in small companies.

3. Increase in Commercial Drone Deployments

You are likely to experience a lot more drone deliveries in 2020. It will no longer be strange to open your door to a drone delivering your packages. Additionally, drones are likely to be deployed in underground developments as well as dangerous locations.

4. Robots in the Olympics

You will possibly watch some robotic action in the 2020 Summer games. Japan plans to showcase its latest developments in robotics. These include self-driving vehicles and robotic assistance for the elderly.

There may be humanoid robots that will be engaged in assisting guests with information. Autonomous vehicles may be used in closed environments to take guests from one venue to the other.

Drones and counter-drone systems may be used to assist in security. These ones may not be as visible as the other robots. This means security at the games will be more enhanced than ever before.

5. Self-Driving Vehicles in Controlled Environments

The reality of the self-driven vehicle continues to take shape in the new decade. These vehicles may be used in controlled environments such as retirement communities and campuses. Also, you may have your pizza delivered via a self-driven vehicle.

However, that is not to say there will be no more delays. These could be caused by regulations, weather extremities as well as costly components.


Robotic technology in this new decade will continue to advance. Whatever happens in 2020 will have an impact in the years to come. Thus, more innovative creations are expected to be introduced.

The impact of robotics will continue to be felt in all spheres of life including at home. With automated homes and drones making deliveries, things are only going to get more interesting.