Treatment options for your large windows

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Large windows add to the aesthetic value of your home and allow more natural light into the room. However, they can pose a challenge when it comes to finding the perfect way to cover them. There are numerous treatment options when it comes to blinds and covers for large windows.

Here are the types of treatment options for large windows.

Vertical blinds

These are excellent window cover options for windows that are not as wide as they are tall. They are the durable alternative to window drapes. The PVC option can withstand natural elements such as moisture and heat from the sun. Vertical blinds come with wand control if you prefer controlling the amount of light entering the room at different times of the day. You can use them for tall windows as well as sliding glass doors.

Cellular window shades

These are ideal window coverings for big windows that are wider than they are taller. These stylish window covers offer ease of use while at the same time giving the room a cosy and warm feel. Cellular window shades come in a wide array of fabric. Your choice ranges from gentle light filtering to complete block-out. The materials used to make these shades are lightweight. This makes it possible for them to be installed for large windows without being too heavy.


If you want to add elegance to your room, drapery is an elegant way of decorating your large windows. Customized drapery can add class and sophistication to any space. This type of window treatment is ideal for huge windows but can be expensive if you need to drape several windows.  You can save money by using drapery as decorative elements to blinds. This way, you can install the drapes in the outside edges only as opposed to covering the entire window.

Cornices and valances

Just like drapery, cornice and valances should be considered as decorative additions to blinds or shades. They can help when you prefer opening your windows in full view but still want to block out excess light from accessing the house. They are available in different colours and styles, ensuring you can coordinate them into your design.

Different ways to install blinds

Using multiple blinds on one headrail

If you have very large windows, you can consider installing 2 or 3 blinds on the same headrail. This method ensures that your windows are fully covered and at the same time gives you control over lighting. You can choose to operate one of the blind to filter light in or out while the others remaining blocked. This installation method helps to eliminate the bowing issue, which is common with large window treatments.

Continuous cord loops

Cord lopped shades or blinds are best for large windows because of their lifting mechanism. This mechanism makes it easy to lower or raise the blinds evenly. This is a good way of prolonging the life of your blinds.

With all the treatment options above for large windows, it is possible to have functional and stylish large windows. You can select any look you like and make it work for your larger than life windows.



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