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Travel guide: 5 luggage bags types that will help you enjoy traveling

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Traveling has become so regular with many people waiting to visit exotic destinations. It could be a solo trip, family trip, or even a trip for relaxing and adventure. The luggage matters a lot while on the move. The luggage should not be too heavy but adjust to all your basic belongings and clothes.

There are certain requirements to keep in mind while selecting the right luggage type based on design, quality, durability, etc. Some of these bags are listed as under:

  1. Trolley bags

Trolley bags are very versatile having enough space for carrying many items and pack in an organized way. These are available in a variety of colors and can be moved in all directions. The wheel bags come in peppy colors making them look stylish. If you have a boring blue bag, add some stickers for the funky look.

  1. Backpacks

These backpacks are easy to carry bags and are used for hiking or adventurous activities. It comes in so many designs with lots of space for accommodating all the things that you want to carry for your holiday.

These are very lightweight and comfortable bags for carrying in difficult journeys. They come in various colors and look quite fashionable. They have so many compartments for carrying essential items and come in various trendy designs.

  1. Duffle bags

If trolley bags are not your thing, then a duffle bag turns out to be such a great option for you. These bags are not thought to be gym bags anymore and are becoming fashion quotient with great usability. These are simply cylindrical design bags having a zipper and sturdy straps.

It has the right amount of space for carrying all your essential items and it is bulky making it so delightful to carry. The best part about these bags is that they are available in various shapes and sizes made of materials like synthetic fiber, leather, canvas, etc. These are sleek bags perfect for carrying on weekend trips.

  1. Women’s carry on tote bags

Many women prefer carrying tote bags for keeping all essential kinds of stuff handy. These are meant for those who want to look stylish even when they travel. The tote bags are pretty spacious allowing you to dump in everything you want. Choose a sturdy tote bag for carrying with ease.

  1. Hands-free travel carts

These carts are made for gearing of heavy roll easily in various uneven terrains. Using it in cart mode, the load is mainly on the cart than the user, and he just has to use lateral motions for moving the cart. The design is so smart for reducing the stress on the body and spine. It is very lightweight and simple, allowing three full degrees of free movement.

Hipstar is providing the best hands-free collapsible travel carts for seeking adventure in you. These carts are designed for taking all the weight on your shoulders, helping people achieve maximum ability and mobility. It also can be used as a backpack or bike trailer.


Choosing the right type of bag is so important while traveling. Make sure you select the appropriate one for yourself.

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