Translation industry research will help your brand in a foreign market

translation industry research
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Doing your homework is always worthwhile, but never so much as when you’re getting ready to launch your brand’s products and services in an overseas market, and you need to perform translation industry research to find the right localization agency. For a brand manager, this can be one of the most stressful times in your career, because you are always going up against an unknown.

This unknown takes the form of a foreign language that is entirely alien to you, as well as a foreign culture that can make or break your brand reputation and image depending on whether or not you did everything right.

Doing things right, means partnering with a knowledgable, experienced and reliable localization agency to handle the translation of everything written or aired about your brand in the target country.

It also means performing translation industry research that can assure you that you’ve partnered with the right industry to get the job done as advertised.

Benefits of Translation Industry Research

The benefits of translation industry reports are that they can be applied to every angle of the translation and localization industry. They are valuable for providing you with an extensive analysis of your particular industry in the context of operating in the overseas market your brand is targeting.

But they’re also valuable in providing reams of insight and useful data on the translation and localization industry itself. This valuable data provides a vital resource in ensuring that you haven’t made a mistake in partnering with the wrong localization agency.

A language industry market research report lets you know which are the top-rated agencies in your regional market and the ones with experience in your particular industry. They also provide you with a list of the agency’s clients, so you can check for any conflicts of interest and avoid wasting valuable time.

Primary Resource in an Overseas Market

You should consider them your primary resource when your brand is entering an overseas market. They can provide insight into how your industry has performed historically in a particular region, and offer data that will point you in a direction where you can improve your brand’s performance.

Managers for whom a foray into an overseas market is their first experience working overseas will be happy to see buy-side reports. These reports can provide you with everything you need to know about the translation industry in your target region, including average costs, the technology used and the sourcing approach.

For managers who see a series of question marks whenever the topic of a new, overseas market is raised, these translation industry research reports will satisfy a lot of questions that you might have had, and make you more confident of the performance of your brand in the new market.

The extensive range of data and information they provide will take a lot of the worry out of entering a new market, and make you look forward to other opportunities to continue to expand.

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