Trade show booth ideas to rock your show

The success of trade show booths lies in the time, money, energy and strategy you put into it. The idea is to make the environment stand out and put in creative elements that are highly interactive so that it can draw people and once they come close, you can share the information regarding your product etc.

All of this could be done inside a limited budget. A trade show doesn’t need to look expensive but elegant and creative so that it can attract crowd and leave an impression on people’s minds even after it has finished.

Without further ado, here are some of the trade show booth ideas to rock your show.


Creative Flooring

You can show attractive promotions on the tiles of the flooring. This feature is a standout and draws in people when they watch it from afar and can see it more clearly once they close in and walk on the aisle. Attractive rugs is also a good option to implement as it will look the entire space attractive.

You can also come up with floor lighting that is engraved to make it look more interesting. This is one effective way to attract people towards your booth.


Host Games

Everyone likes to play games, so what better idea than to host some? You can put up a roulette wheel with options and have the crowd test their luck one by one. This is going to gather a considerate amount of crowd in your booth. You do not even have to give expensive gifts, discount vouchers to whatever you have to offer can be good too. This can turn out the quite an effective promotional strategy.

Moreover, you can also have a host be there to entertain people while they wait for their turn for the game. Photography is another element that can attract crowd and make your booth look more lively.

You can click their picture and give those new clothes, new hairstyles and add a funky element to their personalities. Once done, you can print their picture and give to the participants to help them enjoy and give them something to remember.

This idea can do wonders if your business is related to fashion and beauty.


Virtual Makeover

If the theme of your booth allows, you can have people come at your booth to get a virtual makeover over the computer.

You can arrange touch screens and create a nice environment for the crowd. Record their testimonials show them new products and deals on a big screen.


Offer Refreshment At The Back Of Your Booth

Food is a great way to gather people around; therefore, you can arrange a small stall at the back of the booth to serve lemonade or any other kind of refreshment for the people. This will make them take notice, and also allow your staff to strike a conversation with them without sounding too loud.


Dominate With Style

Make all your staff members wear t-shirts that speaks of your company. This is also an attractive marketing strategy as it gives off a great impression.

Moreover, you can also have giveaways that include accessories related to your business. These include t-shirts with your brand’s logon on it and other such products too.

This way people will think of your company whenever they wear the t-shirt or use other products you’ve given away.


Use Top Notch Technology

It can get a little boring if the representatives keep on interacting verbally throughout.




The idea is to keep the crowd as busy as possible so that they stay near your booth.

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