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Tops that every woman should own

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Finding your own sense of style is important, but there are a few staples that you’ll find in the wardrobe of even the most eclectic fashionistas. Women’s tops offer a great way to enhance a look, and the right top can serve double or even triple duty when creatively combined with the pieces that you already have in your closet. If you don’t have the following tops in your collection, you should think about getting them. Each will provide you with a lot of mileage and fill a potential hole in your wardrobe.

The long-sleeve

Layers can become a distraction if they aren’t handled carefully, but they’re also one of the best ways to add depth and texture to your wardrobe – while also helping you get more usage out of clothes you already own. Unless you experience summer all year long, you’ll want at least one understated long-sleeve to do the heavy lifting. These can take the form of a patterned button-down, a sheer midriff blouse, or a tight black turtleneck. There’s a practically limited amount of options available here.

The silk blouse

Nothing feels quite as good on the skin as silk. Fortunately, it’s a ubiquitous fabric that’s styled and colored in a variety of different ways. Silky brings out your sense of inner femininity while feeling good to wear, and the lightweight design of silk means that it can be worn comfortably in frigid winters or relentless summers.

The muted button-down

If you work in an office, there’s a good chance that a button-down shirt is going to be a requirement. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get playful with it or reflect your own unique sense of style. You should always have at least one or two button-down shirts in your closet appropriate for formal and semi-formal occasions. Make sure that you have a couple in black, gray, or other muted colors before you start getting more experimental or flamboyant.

The wrap blouse

You aren’t going to feel your best every day but having the right clothes in your wardrobe can help you feel confident even on your worst days. One of the most effective tools in this regard is the wrap blouse. It puts the emphasis on your best and most flattering features while effectively concealing your tummy or any other fat. It’s an effective way to feel confident without having to show off too much.

The turtleneck

Looking good doesn’t have to mean showing off skin. The turtleneck is proof that quite the opposite can be true. The tight form of a turtleneck sweater will cling to your curves, while the extended neckline can create a longer and more elegant profile that will stand out in more formal events. The long-sleeve black turtleneck is already a staple of winter fashion, but you can mix things up by tracking out short-sleeved versions more appropriate for the spring and summer.

The halter top

The halter top isn’t elegant in the way that a turtleneck is, but it’s going to draw just as much attention. Rather than using extra fabric to emphasize the hidden portions of the body, the halter top is all about showing off your arms, shoulder, and back. Halter tops might not be a traditional choice for more formal events, but there are enough halter tops on the market that you can find something for most casual situations.

Filling out your wardrobe isn’t cheap, but you can save money by being smart. Think about what you need before you think about what you want. By putting these staple pieces into your dresser, you’ll have a lot more flexibility to mix things up and put together a look that’s uniquely you without straying too far from the standards of good fashion.

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