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Top ways to celebrate your Celtic heritage

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People with Celtic heritage are proud of their past. At one time, the people felt disconnected from the rest of the world, but there has been a significant resurgence thanks to the Irish and American Gaelic revival.

But what matters most is whether you continue to practice according to the Celtic culture and tradition. You should also pass these practices to upcoming generations by celebrating your heritage in the following ways.

Wearing your favorite Celtic jewelry

No matter where you’re from, there is nothing like showing a representation of your heritage in what you wear.

One of the most iconic things you can do to celebrate your heritage is clad that Celtic jewelry that means something to you. Whether it’s that silver ring or the golden earring, make sure you have one of the pieces of jewelry to keep you connected and proud of your heritage.

The jewelry you choose could have various purposes, as you might use a Celtic ring for your wedding or engagement. Similarly, you can incorporate some Celtic bracelets that maintain your touch with a loved one to mark a stage in your life.

Master your language

Learning your language can be one of the best ways to connect with your roots. And once you master the language, you will be surprised by the phrases or words you find.

There are novels written in the Celtic language, and it would be pleasurable finding them and trying to understand the content as you practice your language.

What about the impression you would create by singing out few tunes in your language? The best way you can learn your language is by finding available clubs or organizations that can help you learn. Besides, there is the internet that will direct you to all the sources you like.

Researching your family roots

Obviously, if you know nothing about your ancestors, you don’t know anything about your roots. Most Celtic immigrants have different stories, so it would be vital if you found out if your first family actually migrated.

Above all, you might need to check up Celtic genealogy records to trace your origin and discover long distant family connections.

Travel to your place of origin

Regular travels to your place of origin are not only heartwarming but also a significant step in creating a bond with your heritage. While there, you can experience breathtaking scenery or visit the friendly locals. There is nothing like the experience of cultural immersion that comes with visiting the place where you or your ancestors originated.

The visit to your place of origin would be even more fascinating if you grasp the local language to converse with the elderly, who might understand you better or explain the evolution of your culture and traditions.

By addressing the suggestions, you will have a greater connection with your heritage to celebrate it. Ensure you incorporate regular practices that keep you connected to your heritage as the best way to show celebration.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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