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Top tips for keeping your dogs fit and healthy

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You don’t have to be a furry breeder or a vet doc to understand how important fitness is to dogs. Even if you only admire our furry friends from afar, you must have heard about things like taking a dog out for a walk, engaging him in exercise routines, and feeding him with well-balanced diets.

The reason is because dogs, like humans, need these things to stay in shape and live a long, happy, healthy life. So when you fail to work them out regularly or subject them to imbalanced diets, you’re simply cutting their life span short.

But, of course, most dog owners know these already.

The only challenge that most of them have is that they don’t know all that needs to be done to help keep their furry friends stay in shape.

If you also face this challenge, take a deep breath and smile because here are five tips to help you cater to the fitness demands of your dogs.

A well-balanced diet

First and foremost, for a dog to stay fit and healthy, it needs good food! Provide your dogs with a well-balanced diet every day, and you’ll see him flourishing into the beautiful buddy you had hoped he’d one day turn out to be. Feed him junks and watch him grow into a shadow of itself.

Typically, dog owners have two choices when it comes to catering to their dog’s diet. And that is buying directly from the pet store or making their dog foods at home. Regardless of the option you choose to go with, it is highly important that you don’t compromise the standards of your dog’s diet if you want him to stay fit and healthy.

Regular walk routine

In order to keep your furry friend fit mentally and physically, you have to subject them to a regular fitness routine. And not just a quick jaunt around the house, but a long walk down the street.

Don’t like the idea of walking aimlessly on the street? No problem, you can pull your buddy with you to a restaurant (if dog-friendly), a friend’s house, or the city park.

By and large, don’t just leave your dog lying on its limbs in the house all day long. Make it your duty to help him exercise his body and mind. That way, you’ll be exercising its body, as well as its heart.

When taking your dog for a walk, however, be sure to put on a dog harness – preferably the ezydog harness – to protect him from injuries, especially if he has a tendency to pull on the leash.

In-house exercising

Dogs are great playmates, and they enjoy nothing better than an interactive play session with their owners. If you’re chanced, you can engage in daily training sessions with your dogs, where you play games like “catch and fetch,” “swimming,” and “stairs climb.” And for times when you’re busy, you can keep them occupied with games like “puzzle ball.”

Not only do training sessions like these help them stay active and fit, but they also imbibe in them the ability to follow commands and solve problems.


Right from birth, pups are supplied with lots of protective antibodies from the mother’s milk, which prevents all forms of intrusive diseases from harming the body. Unfortunately, these antibodies wear off three months after birth. At which point, the pup will have little protection against harmful intruders.

To help keep your dog safe, it’s advisable that you visit a vet office to get your dog vaccinated. Once vaccinated, your pup will be protected from any harmful infectious attacks.

Regular visit to the vet

Your dog doesn’t have to show signs of leptospirosis or kennel cough before you book an appointment with the vet office. Just like humans, dogs need to be checked regularly so that any health concerns can be detected on time before it grows into something more serious.

Naturally, an annual dog check at a vet office shouldn’t cost you a fortune. But if you can’t find an affordable vet doc around, you can look out for a low-cost animal clinic where you can check some of your dog’s vital stats to know what their health status is.

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