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Top tips for improved B2C appointment setting in 2021

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Are you responsible for appointment setting to make cold calls? If so, you already know how essential sales engagement is for the sales call overseas. The way you approach depends on your skills as well as the tools you use for the purpose. The greatest challenge these days is that reaching out to the buyer is not a cakewalk.

Based on the findings of the Sales Development Technology Report, it takes at least 18 calls to connect with the buyer. That is why you need B2C appointment setting services to make the experience better.

Here are some of the top tips for appointment setting in 2021

Learn whether people have the time to talk

First things first, it is business etiquette. When you are barging in on your potential customers and disrupting their work with a sales call, you need to ask them whether they have the time to speak to you.

Most of them will refuse to talk even without listening to you properly. That is why you need to show your politeness and request if customers can spare a few minutes for a call. This approach will not make your prospects angry or annoyed. On the contrary, you will get the opportunity to place your pitch. If they are busy, ask them about the most convenient time for a call.

Do not push your prospects too much

According to Hubspot, 50 percent of prospective customers think salespeople are pushy and 17 percent of sales reps think they hard sell. When you are working as an appointment, you need to use your best sales skills to fix the appointment. It means that you need to be a little pushy, but do not overdo it.

If you push too much too fast, the prospect will feel annoyed and uncomfortable. Consequently, he or she may refuse to talk to you at all. Embrace a consultative approach instead of imposing your decision on the prospect when it comes to appointment setting. Use words that sound convincing, customer stories, and information instead of using pressure tactics to prepare for a successful appointment setting.

Share social media evidence

Based on the findings of Hubspot, 88 percent of consumers rely on user reviews just as personal suggestions or recommendations. If you want that the appointment setting is successful, you need to drop a few client names, high-profile ones with whom you have a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Social proof is one of the most effective marketing tactics to persuade your prospects for an appointment setting. It helps you to convince the potential customer how they can reap the benefits from using your merchandise or services. You need to persuade through social media evidence how customers’ lives improved by using your products.

You can use case studies and client testimonials to show what problems your customers faced and how your products resolve those issues. It will serve as social proof to make the prospect confident in choosing your offer.

Final thoughts

Keep these tips in mind before you set an appointment for that sales call. Be polite, courteous, and respect your customer’s time. Avoid being too pushy.

Story by Prashant Kumar

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