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Top three CRM solutions for your business

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Despite the remaining skepticism, more and more businesses understand the importance of investing in a reliable customer relationship management solution. According to the study by SuperOffice, the CRM revenue will reach $80 million by 2025 compared to $36.5 million in 2017. The numbers prove that companies that heavily rely on this type of program will only strengthen the tendency. If you want to reap all the benefits of a CRM solution and find the one that matches your business objectives, then keep on reading. In this post, we’ll reveal the top three best CRM programs you can choose from and offer you an alternative solution ‒ CRM software development, to get the software you genuinely need.

Top three CRM solutions

For this unbiased review, we chose the top three CRM solutions featured in Capterra, a trustworthy review platform where users rate and leave comments on the software they use. Let’s get into it.


Pipedrive is a well-known CRM solution that serves more than 90 thousand teams. The solution is focused on improving and simplifying sales with its intuitive and straightforward design.

Pipedrive allows you to divide the selling process into steps (no matter what and how many steps there are – you name them) and offers a wide variety of templates for basically everything. This way, you can automate not only the sales but the setting process as well.

Sales are always about various touchpoints and communication. The Pipedrive CRM aims at making this communication effortless and streamlined. The solution is integrated with a number of voice calling solutions and has a reminder system, so your salespeople never miss a call. If you prefer another provider, you can choose a voice calling system of your choice and integrate it with the Pipedrive software.

To help your team become more effective, Pipedrive has wide analytics capabilities that can provide you with valuable insights and help you map the future development path.


This cloud-based CRM solution with open-source is free to use. This fact makes it a number one choice for over three million companies worldwide. The solution has a rather typical for CRMs flow with cards that represent leads and logged events.

Bitrix24 also has very convenient management and reporting functionality and allows users to easily import contacts from any other customer relationship management tool a client used before.

Due to its open-source nature, companies that use Bitrix24 can customize any bits of it with the help of numerous in-built capabilities or by simply tweaking the source code.

Another distinguishing feature of this CRM is its convenient mobile version. The solution boasts for the second place among the most used mobile CRM solutions for the Android platform.


Capsule is a perfect solution for small companies with up to one thousand workers. It’s a powerful program that offers broad automation and sales capabilities and allows for unlimited integrations with all sorts of other programs a company uses, like Mailchimp, G Suite, Zendesk, and others. This way, the data transfer within your company is seamless and efficient for all participants.

Apart from some traditional features, all CRM systems have, Capsule allows you to enrich the information on leads and clients with social media integration. As well as that, the solution uses tags you can add to any contact for better categorization and search process.

The CRM has mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms and even offers extended functionality for mobile version compared to a usual one. A mobile app uses reminders to inform about the upcoming call or a meeting, so your salespeople never miss a deal.

To ensure seamless security of all the data within your organization, Capsule offers a role-based access system to provide users with the only necessary information for their work and protect all the other data. As well as that, the software users two-factor authentication for seamless security and regular data backups to easily restore data in case of an accident or a breach.

Wrapping up

The solutions that you can find on the market offer you all sorts of features and capabilities. Nevertheless, tailored CRM solutions are also quite popular nowadays. Why? Because the mass-market solutions are built to cover as many clients’ needs as possible and may lack some specific features that are must-have for your business. At the same time, when ordering a custom solution from a reliable technology partner, like Boston Unisoft Technologies, you can create CRM software specifically for your business objectives with your domain and customers in mind.

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