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Top tech tools you need to start a business

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Starting a business is never an easy task. Besides acquiring appropriate funding for your future endeavors as a fresh entrepreneur, there are tech tools to consider. However, this can turn out to be more challenging than most startups would like to admit. If you are just entering the business world as a beginner, you can use a business terms glossary to learn all of the important terms you’ll need to know and use on a daily basis.

Technology has gone so far, and it’s more of a necessity than it is an option for startups. Starting a small business without using technology is simply impossible. Whether it’s a business plan tool or accounting software, small businesses depend on modern tech tools to run and grow their operations, regardless of how big or successful they are.

Tech tools can significantly benefit your startup efforts and are an excellent way to increase sales, productivity, improve organization, protect data, and so much more. With that in mind, here are the top tech tools you need to start a business.

Online planning for businesses

You can’t properly start your own business without a good plan to follow. Whether the business you launch will succeed depends on how well-prepared you are for the challenges at hand. There’s a tech tool that provides assistance for just about anything and online business planning services to help entrepreneurs.

The tools that deal with such services can help take any idea and apply templates and features to turn it into a profitable venture. Some tools include chart generators – others include financial calculators to help get the numbers and figures right to quantify the value of your business.

Goal achievement monitoring and performance graphs can tell you where to stand at any moment. These tools are an excellent way to track your performance and progress in order to solve problems as they arise.

Web hosting

If you want to make sure your business thrives, you need a presence on the internet. The internet is a digital environment and the perfect business landscape. However, it’s overwhelmingly competitive, with more businesses trying to establish themselves every day.

Therefore, you need a website to get ahead of the competition curve. Getting your website up and running according to the standards and regulations requires a web hosting service.

Web hosting services safely store the files of your website on a secure data server, which is directly responsible for getting your website on the web. Web hosting includes a range of different services that range from email management to building websites.

Shopping cart tool

Creating a business plan and getting your business website up is just the tip of the iceberg. If you plan on using your website to offer services and sell products, you’ll need to set up a functional payment system that accepts personalized payments via a website.

In other words, you need a shopping cart tool that offers services such as checking out and processing available methods of payment such as PayPal, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards. This tool also regulates all the costs of taxes and shipping.

Essentially, the tool allows your customers to enjoy the convenience of purchasing items online. It also provides the necessary features for generating reports automatically and inventory tracking.

Online data storage

Businesses rely on computer technology and the internet today more than ever before. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your valuable and sensitive business data is safely stored in a secure environment.

Online storage services provide business owners with a secure place to store their files online. In case someone tries to steal your data or your hard drive crashes, or your devices are out of order, you’ll have a backup ready.

The cloud storage solution is the safest and most secure online storage solution. Your data is safely stored online in the cloud, making it convenient and easy to retrieve when needed. All you need to access your files is an internet connection.

It’s incredibly beneficial to business owners who are frequent travelers and need to access important data from different countries. You can store many things on the cloud and access it anytime, from anywhere.

Online project management tool

Staying on track with all that’s happening on the internet and in your industry is simply impossible. The trends change so quickly that business owners have a tough time coping with all the changes. However, you can easily mitigate this by using the proper online project management tool that allows you to increase your efficiency and productivity.

The tool allows you to organize your operations, prioritize tasks, categorize priorities, classify objectives, track your performance, and so much more. It also allows you to allocate and manage your physical assets, documents, generic and external resources, as well as your team members.

More importantly, this software includes useful features for streamlining communication. View status updates and reports in real-time, allow your clients to access reports and increase the overall efficiency by improving your scheduling, document management, communication, issue and progress tracking, resource availability, file accessibility, and centralizing requests.


Now that you know some of the essential tools you need in order to start your business, it’s time to launch it. These are the essentials you need, but there are many more tools out there that can make things run much smoother. It all comes down to your knowledge and skills, as well as your budget.

Story by Judy lees

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