Top sportswear fashion trends of 2018

sportswearThere was the time when fashion and beauty were perceived to be a woman’s forte. However, over the years, media and technology have reshaped perceptions, and today men are equally into the rat race of fashion and trendiness as their female counterparts. However, fashion today is no more restricted to ballrooms, proms, and red carpet events. The fashion industry has grown into one of the world’s most rapidly growing industries and has branched into fashion for every age, time and occasion, from corporate fashion to bridal style, from loungewear fashion to streetwear fashion, you will find manner everywhere.

Young adults, teens, and tweens today struggle oi make sure they look on point everywhere every time. One of the most rapidly growing branches of the fashion industry is the sportswear industry. Many apparel brands such as Nike and Adidas have emerged as dedicated sportswear brands, many fashion trends and brands are aligned with major sports events such as world cups and NBA leagues.

Since the year 2018 has also been the year of the much-hyped FIFA World Cup 2018, more people look to up their fashion game at their gyms and sports clubs. Whether you are out in the field to play a soccer match or just heading off to a gym for your daily workout, here are top sportswear apparel and accessories this seasons that staple for your gym look this season.

Workout Boxers

Although it is true that certain newer fashion trends that the new generation follows can be pretty whacky at times, the classic workout boxer shorts are here to stay. The first rule of workout clothing is that they should provide you with a comfortable fit so that you can maneuver your body muscles easily during your workout or sporting sessions without any hindrance or discomfort. A pair of perfectly fit workout boxer short topped with a statement t-shirt looks chic and smart. You can either go with a printed short if you are wearing a monochrome t-shirt or keep it subtle and single toned if you want to play it sober.

Smart Tees

Ditch those overly fitted t-shirts that hug your body tightly and are rather visually unappealing as you make an effort to lift those weights. The last thing you would want is your t-shirt hindering you from being able to use your biceps at their maximum because it is holding them too tightly. Even from an entire fashion point of view, overly fitted pieces of clothing are ano, and you would not want to look like an odd attention seeker. Invest in a smart t-shirt that is not too heavily printed. Make sure the t-shirt is just the right fit and complements your body structure, without being too loose or too tight. Adidas and Nike have some of the best sports tees regarding fitting and fabric and are worth the investment.


Just because you are dressing up for the gym or a sports practice does not mean that your fashion profile will end at your clothing. The right accessories remain an integral part of sports fashion. Make sure that you invest in the right pair of sports shoe depending on what kind of sports you are into. If you are going for a swim, you do not need to wear those heavy duty running joggers, and a pair of bright sneakers or light joggers are enough.

Once you have your shoes sorted, do not forget your watch. Watches are a staple men’s fashion accessory, and they need to be there when you are working out or practicing a sport. However, do not wear those bracelet watches for your gym. Invest in something like a Hamilton Khaki Field that goes with your overall sportswear look and does not look odd.

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