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Top reasons to work with a public adjuster for your hurricane damage

hurricane damage
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When your home receives severe hurricane damage, and you need to file a hurricane damage claim, you should hire a public adjuster to help you! Due to the complexity of insurance claims and policies, filing a property damage claim is harder than it sounds. Specific procedures are required before the insurance company accepts the claim and offers a settlement. Even then, if the damage documentation is incomplete, your insurer will underpay you. To avoid that, contact a hurricane damage public adjuster to come and assess the hurricane damage. You can raise any questions or ask for any advice from the public adjuster!

Regarding hurricane damage, insurance policies are unclear about the coverage of specific hurricane events. The difference between wind damage, hurricane damage, and storm damage can be difficult to understand for a homeowner. Some insurance companies only provide coverage for property damage related to named hurricanes, for instance. Knowing what file to claim depends on your situation and makes the difference between a valid and a denied claim. A public adjuster can guide you toward making the right decision based on your property damage. Besides that, a claims adjuster can negotiate for a bigger settlement for your incurred losses!

What’s the difference between wind damage and hurricane damage claims?

Insurance companies in West Palm Beach offer different coverage deductibles based on the general or specific nature of the event. For instance, a simple windstorm claim involves all potential wind-related situations. Damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, hailstorms, or rainstorms fall under the windstorm category. However, there are also named storm deductibles. These apply only when your home receives damage from a named storm such as Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Irene. Hurricane claims are even more restrictive, and only a professional public adjuster knows when hurricane deductibles apply.

If you’re not sure what claim to file, you should contact a public adjusting company and ask for advice. They will offer a claim estimate freely and, upon request, they will send a claims adjuster to assess your hurricane or wind damage. They will also perform thorough documentation of the damage, with photographs, relevant documents, and even witness interrogations. This way, the public adjuster ensures the comprehensive nature of the claim, guaranteeing suitable compensation for your losses. The insurance company may attempt to undervalue or underpay your claim, but your PA won’t allow that. Having a public adjuster guiding you through the claim procedures is a significant help!

Will the public adjuster I hire intentionally help the insurance company?

The skepticism is warranted in some cases of inexperienced public adjusters who file incomplete claims. This results in underpayments for the client. However, Merkury Public Adjusters, a professional West Palm Beach public adjuster is efficient, meticulous, and comprehensive during the claim procedures. Once you hire a public adjuster, they’ll always protect your best interest. That’s because their commission is a percentage from the insurance settlement. The more substantial the settlement they obtain, the bigger their commission becomes. This encourages a public adjuster to fight for your rights with reinforced conviction.

Instead, if you rely on the assessment done by the insurance company’s public adjuster, you’re bringing a disservice to yourself. That PA works for the insurance company, and the company’s best interest is paying you as little as possible. The damage documentation they provide will contain omissions, untruths, and deceitful attempts to underpay you. To protect yourself, hire a personal hurricane damage public adjuster to assess your hurricane damage. The documentation they do is fair and objective, which is in your best interest. They’ll negotiate the maximum settlement available for your incurred losses, and help you begin repairs sooner!

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