Top reasons to become a certified scuba diver

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If you’re a water lover, dive into scuba swimming certification to get the all-access pass you need to adventure under the deep blue sea and discover incredible marine life. Need more reasons to become a certified scuba diver? Read on to learn about the benefits.

1. You’re certified for life

Unlike other certifications of expertise, once scuba-certified individuals are certified, they are certified for life. That’s right. No renewals or pesky appointments to remember. Just take the course and get your certification card once and for all.

2. You can go scuba diving anywhere

You can go scuba diving anywhere with your certification. Even if you choose to take a foreign vacation, your scuba certification is valid! This means you can literally travel anywhere in the world and scuba dive with no backlash at all. Just pack your snorkel and head out to Jamaica or whatever undersea vacation you’ve got your eye on. Your whole family can enjoy the perks of underwater exploration with scuba certification. Make more memories together, all under the deep blue sea.

3. You get to go to dive clubs and build friendships

If you’re serious about diving, get certified and gain access to dive clubs. You’ll make friendships and enjoy the benefits of sharing like-minded interests with other scuba divers like you. You might even get tips on some of the best places to go by swapping stories with other scuba divers.

4. You’ll find your secret serenity

Some people are terrified by the idea of being underwater. Not scuba divers! In fact, many avid divers report that underwater is their peaceful spot. Breaking ties with the world on land, you get to experience sea animals, a quiet blue oasis, and the incredible feeling of knowing you are one of the few people snorkeling that day.

5. You’ll lose weight

If you stay consistent with your scuba swimming, you’ll lose weight without even trying. Just the consistency of swimming in the water and using your flippers on a regular basis will cause you to shed calories as you have fun exploring life underwater. Talk about a win-win.

6. You’ll gain survival skills

When you become certified, you’ll learn additional water rescue skills like advanced swimming, self-rescue, and buddy rescue, in addition to courses to enrich your learning further. There are many advanced diving programs available for those who are certified. Who knows, you might even rescue an injured dolphin in your future. How cool would that be?

7. You’ll get to explore special findings

There are so many underwater discoveries just waiting for you to explore. You might encounter some kind of abandoned ship story through scuba swimming or even find some ancient, buried treasure.

Get certified as a scuba diver and become the underwater explorer and rescuer you’ve always wanted to be. Share your knowledge of marine animals and the best discovery spots underwater with friends and family. Dive in and get your scuba certification today.

Story by Brad Bernanke 

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