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Top five natural appetite suppressants

food healthy dietA lot of people across the whole world struggle with managing their weight gains every day. This weight gain can be caused by a lot of factors which may include; extreme levels of depression and emotional stress that result in frequent hunger pangs, poor diet and irregular meals and nutritional deficiencies that may result to obesity.

If you are experiencing this, then this is a guide on the natural remedies to use to help you with weight loss. We will give you a detailed list of evidence based methods you can use to suppress appetite and avoid over eating.

The following are the eight of the best Natural Appetite Suppressants to use in managing weight loss;

1. Consume More Healthy Fats and More Proteins

Different kinds and types of food satisfy hunger differently. Experts and doctors will confirm that macro nutrients impact weight loss and weight gain. The macro nutrients are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the view point of doctors and health experts, proteins and fats are health suppressants because they take a long time to be digested and stay in the stomach longer. On the other hand starch make you hungrier because of insulin secretion hence making you want to eat more and more therefore resulting to weight gain. The dietary guidelines recommend proteins such as; lean meat, eggs, beans and peas, soy products and Greek yoghurt.

2. Exercise before Meals

A lot of factors influences whether your gym routine affects your appetite. It will either send you to the kitchen or turn you away from food. If you want to reduce your weight, your weight loss expert will advise you to work out before meals. Exercises decrease your levels of appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin and increase your appetite suppressing hormone leptin.

3. Partake Water Before Every Meal

This might sound flimsy but it has been proven that drinking water before meals curbs your hunger. Drinking 2 cups of water before meals will help you a lot in suppressing appetite hence helping you manage weight loss easily.

4. Eating Dark Chocolate

Compared to milk chocolate dark chocolate suppresses appetite. Just a piece or two of dark chocolate sends your brain signals of bitterness hence help curb your appetite and result in eating less. Also the steric acid in dark chocolate slows down digestion making you full for quite a long time.

5. Stress Less

Stress can ruin yours goals. When one is stressed they tend to seek comfort in food. This is because stress affect food preference, emotional stress increases appetite of foods high in fats and sugar. Therefore, being stress free improves your feeding and helps you manage you weight well.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways to manage your weight loss and if you are thinking of a natural appetite suppressant struggle no more. You just need to try the above remedies and you will find the weight loss experience easier and fun. With the right natural remedies and regular exercises, then losing weight should not be a problem anymore.

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