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Top five mobile games for sports fans

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Mobile devices have provided us all with countless means of entertainment in recent years. For sports fans, mobile phones allow access to direct broadcasts, stats, news, but also mobile games that simulate their favorite sports.

If you are a sports fan yourself, we can guarantee that there are at least a few great mobile games out there that you will greatly enjoy. So, we bring you the list of the top five mobile gaming apps you should install on your phone if you like sports and want to emulate your idols in the virtual world.

1. Madden NFL Football

Created by EA Sports for both Android and iOS users, Madden NFL Football is one of the most popular sports games out there. While mobile versions of many sports games tend not to be as great as their console counterparts, Madden NFL Football for mobile is actually quite high-quality.

Not only can you simulate the NFL season and build your own squad made up of player cards you win through playing, but also get all the updates for the game completely free of charge. Console players must buy a new version of the game every year, but as a mobile player you get to enjoy all the latest stuff, completely free. This is the ideal app for all football fans out there, especially during the off-season when there is no football to enjoy on TV.

2. NBA Jam

NBA2k18 may be the most popular mobile game for basketball players, but NBA Jam offers quite a unique experience that true NBA fans will certainly enjoy. The game offers easier gameplay that’s more arcade-like, and is loaded with all the NBA trivia you can think of.

As you play your games, the commentators will use popular catchphrases from the NBA history, while the simulated players will do their best to give you a sense of watching an actual action-packed NBA match. NBA fans who love action and aren’t too concerned with realism will love NBA Jam.

3. Hockey Hero

Unlike the games we listed so far, Hockey Hero is actually a video slot, which yet again offers a different type of gaming experience. We know what you may think, but you can actually play Hockey Hero for free, along with numerous other free slot machines if you download one of the casino apps that offer it.

The game is quirky and fun, and every hockey fan will find something to enjoy in it. Since this is a slot game, all you need to do is press autoplay and watch those reels spin, so it’s a great way to unwind and lay back while watching the shenanigans on the screen unfold.

4. OK Golf

Golf is all about relaxation and laying back, and OK Golf by Playdigious is an app that follows in that same pattern. The game will take you to beautifully rendered virtual golf pitches, where you will be able to practice your stroke and enjoy the scenery in a completely stress-free environment. If golf is your game, you should definitely have OK Golf installed on your phone, and even if you have never tried the sport in your life, this game may be a great way to relieve some of the daily stress.

5. FIFA Mobile

We would be reminisce if we did not include at least one soccer app on this list, and what better app for soccer fans than FIFA Mobile. Another amazing game by EA Sports, FIFA Mobile provides a similar gameplay experience to the console and PC versions. The game is 100% free, updates on a regular basis, and is an amazing way for soccer fans to enjoy their team and relive some of their all-time favorite games.

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