Top DUI lawyer Brandan Davies from Roth Davies LLC talks to the media

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Mr. Brandan Davies has emerged as one of the most respected DUI attorneys in the U.S. He did a recent brief interview with Newstrail, after which he provided us with more context about some of the latest issues in Criminal defense, with a broader overview of Roth Davies LLC.

Brandan Davies is well received in publications across Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma and is known for his legal commentary. His legal pedigree includes mediating for the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, serving as an apprentice for a judge in the federal district court, and working as a lawyer for a Fortune 500 company. He began his journey at the University of Tulsa, studying Law.

Mr. Davies is currently running the organization, Roth Davies. The main areas this organization covers are Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Family Law. As far as his clients are concerned, Mr. Davies is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the U.S.A.

“Brandan was helpful and friendly. He handled all my questions and everything on the case in a calm manner that helped me get through one of the most stressful times in my life. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.” This was the review of one extremely appreciative client.

His opinion is also well-regarded by the press: Davis has been interviewed and quoted by some of the largest media outlets in the country, for example, the New York Times and the Kansas City Star. Recently I myself had the chance to interview him. He was very generous with his time and a delight to interview. He was engaging and his passion for his firm and the injustices in this world were very apparent.

Q1: If “Wikipedia” had to summarize you or your organization in less than 250 words, what would you like them to say?

My first identification is as a lawyer. Furthermore, I have extensive experience with defending the criminally accused including DUI, felony DUI, drug possession, felony possession with intent, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, robbery, burglary, and a multitude of other misdemeanors and felony charges.

Regarding the organization, my law firm is helping clients with personal injury, criminal defense, and family law cases. Jason Roth, Suzanne Robinson, Lauren Fields, and I are running the organization with our extensive experience.

Q2: Name any personal achievements?

  • Top 100 Trial Lawyer – National Trial Lawyers Association
  • A/V Rated by Martindale-Hubbell
  • Received the highest possible rating by Martindale-Hubbell for Criminal Defense: AV Preeminent.
  • Six-time Recipient of Superlawyers Designation

Q3: What is your company known for – and why is it serving the public better than many competitors?

My association, Roth Davies is a full-service law firm based in Overland Park, Kansas. It assists clients with criminal, personal injury, and family law matters. Clients come to the Roth Davies law firm expecting personal attention and excellent results. The organization strives to not only meet the expectations of our clients but exceed them in every aspect of our representation. I will say that every organization is doing great for the welfare of people, but as Roth Davies is my firm, I would obviously say that it is better than all the other competitors.

Q4: In 5 years from now, what is your prediction, and what do you aim for?

Five years from now, I hope to be in a position to help people tied up in the criminal justice system in a way that profoundly impacts their life. Many people get pulled into the criminal justice system unwittingly after innocently acting to preserve and protect their life, liberty, and property. The state often vilifies the innocent and does not dig deep into the facts of every case in which they prosecute. I hope to continue to cast light upon the innocence of the accused and save them from a system designed to harm the most vulnerable.

Q5: Which other people do you draw inspiration from?

Basically, people who are doing well in my field, helping their clients, discovering their cases well, and also, people who have a positive image towards life. People who live their lives for the wellness and maintenance of humanity. Inspiration can come even from a little deed of kindness so yes; I am inspired by people who try to spread their positivity into this world and are in our line of work for the right reasons.

Q6: It is good to stand for something. Are there any causes you care about?

I hope that as a society we can understand that the State’s role isn’t to impede individual freedoms. We should learn how to protect this society and help anyone who requires help and stand up for anyone in need. The arbitrary lines the State draws in the sand when it comes to drug use need to be reevaluated for the modern era. We also need to get a better handle on the criminal justice system as a whole and work to weed out the inherent biases and failures our system seems to embrace.

Q7: What is your advice to people during times of adversity?

I would say that one of the most effective ways to deal with adversity is diversity. Most problems require action. When you find yourself in trouble or facing a difficult task it helps to diversify the information you take into consideration before you act. When you are faced with a difficult problem, always seek out an expert for advice, but then seek out the opinion of others with a diverse background. You can build off the life experience of not just your limited knowledge but the knowledge of others. You’ll be surprised at what unorthodox solutions present themselves.

Q8: Sometimes, unknown information can be an eye-opener. Are there any trends and statistics that people should know about in your industry?

Criminal justice reform is on the horizon. Sweeping criminal justice reform has been closer than ever before. The ever-swinging pendulum of public opinion concerning expanding police power vs. individual rights and liberties is at an all-time high and the recent protests are at the forefront of the public eye. Only time will tell if the uptick in attention to these matters will affect real positive change in the criminal justice system or if it will be, “back to normal” when the national attention is elsewhere.

Step-by-step guides to personal injury, criminal defense and family law:

Roth Davies LLC is one of very few law firms that provide upfront valuable information at no charge so that when the client approaches them, the charged hours can be focussed towards resolving the case itself as opposed to providing introductions to basic concepts. They achieved this by producing step-by-step guides about three important areas of law, namely personal injury, criminal defense and family law. Access the guides here:

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Final take

The legal landscape is always evolving. Dealing with a team of lawyers is especially helpful given the overlap in different areas of law and the combined knowledge that a streamlined, fast-moving law firm with powerful team members offer over solo practitioners in law. Roth Davies LLC is an example of how the advantage of combined expertise can provide the public with greater access to justice.

Story by Matthew Gover

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