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Top anti-phishing tools that every business needs

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Phishing has become surprisingly prevalent despite the increasing awareness of the average tech user. Cyber attacks like phishing are targeting individuals as well as businesses without any exception to one, which means businesses need anti-phishing now more than ever before. With the plethora of anti-phishing awareness, training, and programs making the rounds in the world today, you have no reason not to secure your business from the endless cyber attacks present on the web. The precision with which hackers can emulate passwords, credit card keys, and other vital classified information these days is just remarkable. Hence you need to protect your business at all costs using any of the available anti-phishing services. With that being said, this article reveals some top anti-phishing tools available online, which are beneficial to every business.

Email phishing tools

Gophish is an open-source security platform that can be installed on most operating systems by merely downloading its file and unzipping it. All of its features are quite artistically implemented. With Gophish, you can create phishing email templates – to detect and resolve all threats to your system in the forms of emails – and even though there aren’t any that comes with the package, you can take aid from a repository (an online community). However, due to Gophish’s few features and the absence of real email templates, it might be better for you to get your anti-phishing solutions from, which is another easy cloud-based email security platform. Another enterprise-grade email security solution is what you will find on

Informational tools

Sometimes, all we need to fight cyber-threats is a little bit of heads-up, and we are good to go. In that light, you need every person involved with your business to be brought up to speed with the latest developments in the cybersecurity world. With the right awareness and information, your business can be protected. is a website that has many resources available for the needy to look at and benefit from. From talking about phishing scams to offering lists of updated anti-phishing tools and anti-phishing software, you can get a lot of help from this dedicated website. is another global anti-phishing solution provider, and it also has a blog where they share information relating to anti-phishing awareness along with happenings, news, and latest occurrences across the cyber-world.

General web phishing tools

Phishing doesn’t come from emails only but across the entire web, email, and even social media. In such scenarios, you will need an anti-phishing software capable of fighting off diverse threats. To begin with, you should check out the anti-phishing tools at What you will find there is the most effective security and compliance solutions to protect businesses from threats, secure vital information, and also provide user protection. With the different marketing strategies adopted by many businesses today, it is not uncommon to find phishing emails, spam, malware, and potential security breach across all your marketing channels. And without the right anti-phishing security in place, any member of your staff could just be clicking on links or emails that are harmful to your business.

Multipurpose anti-phishing tools

How about an anti-phishing tool that is capable of handling phishing protection services on all devices? With, your business security alertness has just been raised to an advanced level. This unique anti-phishing solution is the ideal option for every small business. From Mac, Windows, or Linux to the mobile iOS and Android, this anti-phishing software works for all operating systems and all devices with no added hardware, no plug-ins. On the plus side, this anti-phishing tool also offers a free trial session that allows you to detect and correct spoofing, phishing, malware, and even spam. Here are some of the features you get to enjoy with this tool:

  • Smart quarantine (you simply don’t have to check your spam every time again)
  • Blocks malicious attachments (irrespective of the file type, emails with suspicious attachments are prevented from entering your mailbox)
  • Protects you from time-delayed phishing techniques and guess what;
  • It also offers an essential security upgrade to Office 365 (i.e., it gives you an additional Office 365 protection)

Preemptive anti-phishing tools

Why wait until you are attacked before you act? With anti-phishing tools like, you can stop phish before they even deliver malicious links, BEC fraud, and malware. This is a rather advanced method of fighting off phishing as you are offered a head-start ahead of any attack against your business.

Simulation tools

TraceSecurity’s flagship Tracephishing simulator is a must-try phishing simulator tool for every business that has a plethora of benefits. With their blog, you can stay technically aware too.

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