Top 7 Christmas markets worldwide

To catch up with the latest news about unfortunate events around the world connected with Christmas markets, we decided to turn the tables a little and direct the flow of your perception of this phenomenon to the good side again.

The holiday season is already in full bloom, so no wonder every large European city tries to win the race and fill its historical centers and squares with the most mesmerizing and glimmering holiday fairytale. These places will soon become completely swarmed with crowds of people wishing to embrace the holiday spirit to the fullest. Parents take their kids there as a part of pre-holiday entertainment, meanwhile, there are plenty of relaxation choices for adults as well, for instance, it is always nice to grab yourself a glass of mulled wine and use it as a winter cold weather shield. All in all, there you’ll find all kinds of recreational activities for you and your family, no matter what kind of entertainment you prefer. And most importantly, if you choose to spend your winter holidays in any other country (mostly European, because Christmas markets are the largest there), you will have a chance to taste some local traditional dishes. Taking into account that it is pretty easy to find cheap flights from one European city to another, you will always have an opportunity to visit more than one Christmas market and compare your impressions.

Christmas markets serve as a special holiday spirit boost for most of us, so no wonder that they sometimes become overcrowded, as everybody tries to cut a little slice of Christmas ambiance. That’s why we all love those markets so much: they revive the feeling of childish holiday excitement which becomes less prominent with years. Being an adult, there are few things in your life capable of offering you the same level of exhilaration.

So let’s start our “countdown” with Germany, the country from where this phenomenon originates. Munich’s Christkindlesmarkt first appeared in 1434. The first Christmas market in Frankfurt was mentioned in the documents in 1393. Now there are several candidates among German cities to get to our top 7.

  1. Frankfurt, Germany

Christmas market in Frankfurt, as mentioned before, dates back to medieval times. This fact makes it one of the oldest and largest in the whole country. Frankfurt’s Weihnachtsmarkt is definitely worth mentioning because of its captivating beauty. This market may get pretty crowded, so you will probably have to spend some time in a line and wait for your glühwein to be served and a bratwurst to be cooked. But it’s totally worth it! Plus, there you can taste a bethmaennchen, which is a Frankfurt’s traditional Christmas cookie made with flour, marzipan, powdered sugar, egg, and rosewater. It is known for its soft texture and mild taste.

  1. New York, the USA

New York is known for its mesmerizing and astonishing business centers, sky-scrapers and as one of the best gambling destinations in the USA (after Las Vegas and Atlantic City, of course). But, except big casino wins, here you may find some holiday markets which attract US citizens from all over the country. Snowy New York is particularly breathtaking, but along with all Christmas leisure and city ornaments, it starts looking like a decoration for some fairytale-themed movie. There are several markets to visit during holidays: Columbus Circle Holiday Market (near Central Park) and Union Square Holiday Market. There are all kinds of entertainment: from kids craft studious to “self-breweries” for adults.

  1. Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt is one of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany. It attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists, featuring the most picturesque wooden stalls, magical carousels and unsurpassed holiday decorations. The products on this market are only of the highest quality: no plastic, no garbage, only unique handmade crafts. Different shows and theater performances for kids complement this charming atmosphere. You should definitely put this Christmas market in your “to visit” list.

  1. Hong Kong, China

If you like some Christmas extravaganza and you are already tired of those traditional European Christmas markets, then, you should definitely change your usual perception of this holiday and take off to China. Hong Kong’s Winterfest combines both European and Eastern holiday traditions, and here you’ll be able to enjoy delicious traditional Chinese food (congee, for instance) along with festive European entertainment. But the best spectacle usually unfolds for New Year Eve celebration with breathtaking fireworks which indicate the start of a new era.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordic celebration in Denmark won’t leave anybody unsatisfied. This 82,300 square meters Christmas market knows exactly how to amaze a demanding customer. Here you will find all kinds of Christmas decorations, crafts and handmade goods presented for selling. And what can be better than to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a Nordic country where winter holidays’ ambiance feels stronger than ever?

  1. Manchester, UK

Manchester’s Christmas markets are known for being the most popular in the UK, and they are proven to be among the best in whole Europe. Those markets are placed in 10 different sites throughout the city, which makes them literally omnipresent. The total number of stalls exceeds 300, making this market the largest in the country. It aims to amaze, so no wonder that you will find yourself immersed in this winter fairytale on visiting Manchester. The main event will be waiting for you in Albert Square, where you will be welcomed by a giant sparkly Santa placed near the grand Victorian town hall.

  1. Vienna, Austria

And our personal number one this time is a Christmas market in Vienna. We don’t know if its popularity and big scale organization are determined by the fact that this year Vienna was named the most livable city on Earth, but, anyway, Austrians know exactly what to do when it comes to decorating their cities for winter holidays and make everyone revive their most vivid childhood Christmas emotions.  Here you will find more than 20 festive villages filled with a particularly exclusive magical atmosphere. Vienna Christmas Dream on Rathausplatz, with 150-plus traditional stalls, is placed near the city hall and will bewilder you with the variety of food and crafts which will suit any taste. It is obvious that there are more than enough reasons to visit this special town.

All in all, all those Christmas markets can offer you some unique and unforgettable experience, filled with childish excitement. The choice is yours, there are no winners in this competition because each of these festive villages has the same aim – to make you feel the holiday spirit penetrating deep in your heart, and each of them does this job on 100%.


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