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Top 5 YouTube channels for eSports enthusiasts

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What can be more addictive than watching your favorite shows on Spectrum TV? Video games.

The video gaming industry is growing tremendously. On YouTube, you would see a lot of professional gamers sharing interesting content with their community. The good thing is that with each passing day, the platform continues to gain importance among gamers. Although Raptr, Twitch, and Discord are quite famous in the gaming community that allows people to share information or to live stream their gameplay. However, YouTube has become the ultimate platform if you are in search of e-sports tips, summaries, and replays.

Top 5 eSports YouTube channels to follow

eSports have picked up quite a bit of popularity in recent times. YouTube has slowly become a home for both professional and amateur gamers who love nothing more than to share exciting content with the viewers. Even though there are a lot of interesting eSports channels that are worth following, here are five of them that you absolutely must.

#1. Esports Talk

If you eat, sleep, and breathe eSports then Esports Talk is the channel that you should consider subscribing to. It currently has over 300,000 subscribers. This channel is a one-stop destination for all the gaming enthusiasts where they can expect to receive all the latest news, and reviews of different video games. In addition, it gives tournament updates. That’s not all as you can find strategy forums and gaming guides on the channel. It also runs a series called E-sessment in which they show you the beta-testing and gives you insight about the upcoming games. This channel is still quite new but it is quickly a premier eSports platform.

#2. theScore

theScore is a Canadian media company that is also behind the mobile platforms ‘theScore’ and ‘theScore eSports.’ In terms of providing quality content, it is one of the best eSports channels on YouTube. Although it keeps the viewers entertained and informed about the latest happenings in the gaming community through its videos, you should not overlook its website. Why? Well, because there you will find all the necessary information about video games. On their channel, you can expect to find interviews, round-ups, and live coverage of different eSport events.

#3. Yahoo! Esports

It is another channel that you should check out. Yahoo! is heavily involved in eSports so much so that the company recruited a Gamespot AU editor for its editorial coverage of Los Angeles. Their channel is dedicated to covering every important eSports event that takes place across the world. You can also get to see different interviews on the channel along with the live streams of different gaming events. It covers some of the most famous games such as League of Legends, Street Fighter V, and CS:GO.

#4. LoL Esports

If you like League of Legends then you would love their YouTube channel, Lol Esports. It has more than three million subscribers. Here, you will find live streams from some of the most popular leagues such as LCK, LMS, and EU. You will also get to view the NA Challenger Series.

#5. Rocket League Esports

Rocket League is fast-becoming a popular e-sport that has already attained a solid fan base. This is the channel where you can catch all the Rocket League’s professional gaming action. The best thing about this channel is that you can expect to find fresh content regularly. Plus, there is live event coverage that you can enjoy. There will also be numerous interviews of professional players on the channel for you to watch.


While there are people who consider Twitch as the best platform to be on for eSports fans but what many don’t realize is that it has its limitations. However, if you want to view strategy tutorials, highlights, or video packages then YouTube is the place where you need to be on. You can always consider these five above-mentioned channels that will provide you with the best esports content.

Story by Alex Brian

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