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Top 5 universal gift ideas

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There is no one gift that “everyone” likes since it is necessary to consider the person and what you know they like and what they do. However, there are universal gift ideas from which you can make a gift extra special. By having a general idea about the gifts your friends and family would appreciate, you can look for gifts all year round, which can sometimes lead you to find the perfect present that you can buy when you see it and save it for the perfect occasion. Here are the top five universal gift ideas


Buying jewelry as a gift is very personal, but not necessarily difficult. If you want to buy a watch for a man, consider his lifestyle. If he travels a lot, a dual-time watch will manage time-zone issues, whilst a style-savvy guy is more likely to appreciate a design-focused watch.

Check out what jewelry your recipient already wears the complements her style, or if in doubt choose diamonds. Alternatively, consider a piece of home décor made from precious metals and gemstones. Gifts from Eternity Rose are timeless displays of your love. Choose her favorite color or if unsure, choose her birthstone color for a personal touch.

Personalized gifts

A personalized gift can show your true feelings to the recipient. You can have their name or nickname immortalized on your gift, or make it personal in other ways, such as a work of art or perhaps a piece of music. With a little creativity, you can find a personalized gift for everyone in your life, whatever the occasion. Gift-giving becomes so much easier when the gift is customized since it shows not only the thought and care that has gone into the gift but also symbolizes the bond and understanding you have.

Experience gifts

It is always fun to have a gift to unwrap, but more and more people are choosing to gift experiences to create memories whilst saving the planet. This can be anything from a bungee jump to a full day at a spa, that perhaps you can share. Experience gifts can also include the family, such as an annual pass to a local nature reserve or tickets to the theatre. They can also include classes and subscriptions, such as a chocolatier lesson, a crate of craft beer delivered monthly or an annual subscription to a specialist magazine for those passionate about any particular subject.


Everyone is impacted by technology these days. Whether the person you are buying for likes to keep up to speed with changing technology trends or are one of those who only hear about a new iPhone model a year after release, there is a tech gift for everyone in your life. For some, it may be easy to give them exactly what they want, as they can tell you. If you are not tech-savvy yourself, it can feel intimidating to shop for the tech-obsessed, search online for the latest gadgets, video games, smart devices, and more.

Food and drink

The perfect gift for foodies and for those who already have everything, a hamper can make the perfect gift. This can contain a wide variety of their favorite items, or you can create a specialized box of different breads and cheeses; cakes and sweet treats; jams and preserves or sauces and seasonings. You could also put together a hamper of teas, coffees and infusions or of gin or whisky or cocktails. Add food and drink accessories such as a cake stand or a set of whisky tumblers to make the gift extra special.