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Top 5 tips for bathroom renovations and fittings

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Bathroom renovations are not for the faint of heart. Not only do they require a lot of time, but they also involve making some pretty tough decisions about what bathroom fixtures or fittings to purchase.

So we compiled a list of five tips for bathroom renovations and fittings to help you plan and execute the perfect bathroom remodeling project.

Let’s dive in.

1. Is your bathroom renovation a refresh, or are you changing the layout?

Changing the layout can involve building permits, additional plumbing costs, more time, and cause more inconvenience. Are the benefits worth all the hassle? Be sure before you press ahead.

If the layout is not a big issue – a straightforward refresh might be the best option, as you can spend on luxury items rather than on construction work. It’s surprising what you can achieve within the same space with some creativity and new bathroom fittings.

2. Prioritize spending

Budgeting is critical because it will help you prioritize your spending. If money is tight, choose high-quality fixtures and fittings within your budget constraints. For example, if a state-of-the-art shower enclosure isn’t viable at the moment due to budgetary restrictions, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of fantastic alternative showers to be had at a more affordable price.

Decide which are the big-ticket items for the remodel and which are less critical to your bathroom transformation.

Choose your fixtures and fittings by determining their value-for-money factor.

3. Nail your aesthetic

What aesthetic are you hoping to achieve? Don’t rush into using the latest color trends if they won’t suit your space or taste. How much natural light enters? A bathroom with lots of natural light can make some colors work that wouldn’t in a dimly lit bathroom that lacks natural light.

The key things to get right include:

Color: which colors work best in bathrooms? Bold or pastel shades? The best colors for a small space are soft and neutral tones. Bright colors make a bathroom look more spacious, while darker shades give a luxurious touch but work better in a larger room. Stick with color tones that won’t clash with adjacent walls or flooring.

Lighting: the right lighting can help you achieve a look or mood that works for your space! Our top lighting picks include relaxing ambient lighting and task lighting surrounding mirrors. Which do you prefer? Bright task lights around mirrors for applying makeup, shaving, or brushing teeth? Or perhaps a powerful ambient light source with a dimmer?

Mirrors: an essential element often overlooked. Some well-placed mirrors are a simple trick for making the whole space feel more spacious and bright. And let’s not forget – they’re super functional too.

Flooring: when it comes to flooring in bathrooms, most people tend to go for tile. Tile is a smart choice because it’s so easy to clean and often has a bit of shine which can brighten up the whole room.

Storage: remember storage options when considering what aesthetic you want. Having additional storage is always helpful, whether it’s for small toiletry items or towels. Pro-tip: consider hidden storage options such as cabinets and under-vanity shelves – they’ll help you create a more organized, clutter-free space.

4. Which bathroom fixture makes the most impact if changed?

Yep! We could debate this one for days, but if you are only going to change one fixture, it has to be the shower. Why? Changing the shower can alter the entire look and functionality of your bathroom. Consider upgrading to a steam shower enclosure for the ultimate daily treat.

5. Why should I choose my fittings early?

Choose all the main fixtures and fittings early in the planning process. These are typically the most expensive items and contribute most to the overall look of the room. If you opt for luxury items unavailable off-the-shelf, then you are likely to be waiting weeks for them to arrive. The more fittings you need to buy, the longer this will take. So lock everything in early on.

These tips will help you create a wonderfully relaxing bathroom that is a joy to use. Take your time planning your renovation; a creatively planned bathroom renovation can make all the difference to your daily life.