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Top 5 open source fleet management software

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Fleet management software is a key advantage for any company. It lets you access complete data from your business’ fleet. It works entirely from a single, intuitive dashboard. However, this software can be expensive for smaller businesses.

That’s why we’re looking at open source software today. Open source vehicle maintenance software can save you money while providing lots of value. As reported by industry experts, free fleet management software is the best way to introduce the system to your company.

What does open source GPS tracking software mean?

The basic Wikipedia definition is quite good at explaining it. Open source refers to software with its source code open to the public. Everyone can use the code for their own projects, change it, and distribute it. It’s completely free to do so.

That’s why fleet management open source systems are 100% free. Community support is what maintains these platforms for the most part.

Key advantages of open source vehicle management software has a great introduction to the advantages of using open source code. Of course, free software is always a benefit by itself. However, open source systems usually have more passionate communities than brands.

Communities for open source code are usually part of its support. As we summarize the advantages, note how many of them come from these communities. That’s why free fleet trackers can offer more value than brands.


Inexperienced users might fear for their system’s security. It’s only natural: everyone can access the code. However, they usually find out that the opposite is true.

Having many programmers access the code makes it easier to find flaws. That means that repairing security issues is quite efficient. Furthermore, development teams for open source code tend to be larger than brands.


Again, more programmers means that it’s easier to keep the software in good shape. Even testers are easy to come by. Finding and fixing bugs is often seamless.

Developers can release new versions as soon as they fix bugs. You can access these new iterations immediately after release.

No upgrading

Brand software usually requires constant upgrades. Developers abandon current versions or release new ones. That’s necessary for continuous revenue.

On the other hand, most open source platforms don’t stick to that methodology. You don’t have to worry about constant upgrade investment. Penalties for not upgrading are also smaller.


Support for open source software can take many shapes. It’s almost always free, too. It’s not hard to find support from community forums if the development team isn’t available.

The communities behind open source platforms tend to be willing to help all the time.

Cost-value ratio

All of these advantages add to the value you get from open source systems. We haven’t even assessed the system’s features. That’s the main value, which you get for free. All of these advantages are simply “add-ons” that you still access for no cost.

The best fleet management software freeware

Choosing the right open source GPS tracking software could be a little challenging. By their nature, open source codes breed many iterations. It can be easy to fall for a platform and discover its development halted.

That said, once you find a great open source system, you’ve hit gold. Free free fleet maintenance software can save your budget. The following picks from Medium’s list curate the best open source platforms.

Fleet VIP

Fleet VIP is the best choice for family stores. That’s because you can cover a couple of vehicles. It might sound limiting, but you still get the essentials. Its main features provide GPS monitoring, alerts, mileage and cost tracking. Planned features include fuel consumption trackers and importing vehicle profiles.


You can use Fleetio for free on 10 vehicles and every user you wish. You can also export your data into spreadsheets. Naturally, it covers all the basics: GPS tracking, fuel spending, vendor databases, and more. It also offers a mobile version, called Fleetion Go.

Odoo Fleet Management

Odoo provides several apps for several functions. Their Odoo Fleet platform tracks fuel usage, expenses, and more. It even notifies you about expiring contracts. You can add unlimited users to the app. However, the free version isn’t as customizable as the paid version.

Open GTS Project

Open GTS is easily the best system for programming-savvy users. Keep in mind: it focuses on vehicle tracking alone. However, you can integrate it with other software to add the features you need.


Our last choice is Traccar, another basic app that focuses on the essentials. It tells you the location of your vehicles and little more. However, it does have a mobile app. That makes it a worthy consideration if you care about mobility.

Story by David Patterson

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