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Top 5 motorhome accessories in 2022

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Motorhomes are generally purpose-built vehicles. When building, most owners only include features they think will match the purpose they have for their vehicle.

For instance, a motorhomer that wants to use their setup for music recording will likely install a studio booth in the vehicle.

But besides those features that match your motorhome purpose, you need other accessories to make your life easier.

This post wants to point out five of these accessories.

  1. RV covers

The first essential accessory every motorhome must have is an RV cover. Regardless of the purpose you have for your vehicle; you just gotta get an RV cover.

As you know, motorhomes are usually parked for long periods.

In this condition, the vehicle becomes exposed to environmental elements like snow, ice, dust, dirt, rain, and wind. All of these are detrimental to a vehicle’s long-term condition. In most cases, they cause wear and tear of the vehicle’s part, deteriorate its aesthetics, and sometimes damage internal components.

To keep out these elements, getting an RV cover becomes a necessity. As you can imagine, an RV cover will protect your car from every element mentioned, thereby ensuring nothing messes with your precious vehicle all year round.

  1. Telephone signal booster

Unless you’re from the 1400s, there’s no way you wouldn’t need a cell phone as you travel around the country in your campervan.

Thankfully, some bright minds have found a way to make telephone signal receptors work better regardless of the location one finds themselves.

A typical cell phone signal booster picks up the surrounding network anywhere you are and then amplifies it inside your RV so that you can stay connected to the rest of the world.

“Hmmm… sounds exciting… But do I really need this?”

Yes, you do. Imagine camping somewhere far away from where telephone signal strengths are great. Without a signal booster, you might be stuck in the woods for days, not able to take a call or even access the internet.

  1. RV-specific GPS system

Nowadays, most motorhomes are built with GPS systems right from the manufacturer’s home. If yours doesn’t come with one, you can manually integrate one with your Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.

Now, while these tools are all great for navigation, none is custom-made for motorhomes. Instead, they’re made for general use – individuals, regular car owners, truck drivers, etc.

To make your motorhome experience safer and easier, you need to get an RV-specific GPS device. This device, which can integrate seamlessly with any existing GPS in your vehicle, is built to specifically cater to your RV needs.

For example, most come with a built-in directory detailing RV parks, public campgrounds, and other campervan-relevant services. Additionally, you also get tips on the best RV-friendly routes to ply, hints on steep grades and sharp curves ahead, and finally, a custom routing feature that helps you determine the best spots to park your RV.

  1. Solar panels

If you think you’ll always find a mains power supply everywhere you get to; you’re in for a big surprise.

Sometimes, you’ll find a nice area to camp – leveled ground with a neat and serene environment – but after staying for a while, you’ll discover the mains is several leagues away.

This can be frustrating, especially if you came expecting to have electricity and all that.

To prepare for the unknown, it’s advisable to get a solar panel installed in your motorhome. Granted, these panels don’t come for cheap. But what’s a few hundred dollars compared to your comfort?

With a solar panel, you can watch TV, keep all your smart gadgets charged, and even get your motorhome’s batteries recharged anytime you need to.

  1. Rechargeable portable shower

Clearly, you’ll need to bathe. And depending on where you’ve chosen to camp, decent water systems may be hard to come by.

Luckily, with a rechargeable portable shower device, you can set up your bath area inside or outside your motorhome without any hindrance.

What’s more? The majority of these devices usually come with auto filtration systems, which means you can reuse water time and again.

Honorable mentions: As you can imagine, there are other interesting motorhome accessories we would have loved to add. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Inverter
  • Headlight
  • Satellite navigator
  • Broom, collapsible chairs and tables,
  • Mosquito swatters
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Cameras
  • Motorhome Blinds (Good for privacy and security, especially if you have your lights on at night. You don’t want someone spotting your camp from a mile away)

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