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Top 5 mobile landing page design tips

Trying to build a high-converting landing page? Looking for the most current and effective tips on mobile landing page design? Look no further, as in this guide you will discover the top 10 best tips for building high-converting landing pages for mobile devices quickly and easily.

Now, in case you still don’t know mobile landing page design is totally different from desktop design. The resolutions are much smaller so you have to do things differently when it comes to mobile. In many cases, it’s also a good idea to hire a dedicated mobile application development team to help you build a great mobile landing page.

However, it is still necessary to know some basic principles of copywriting and landing page design. That’s why we decided to write this article to give you the top 5 tips you must know to design a high-converting landing page for mobile devices:

  • Use one-column layout
  • Make buttons big enough
  • Create a dedicated mobile landing page
  • Make your copy shorter
  • Speed is everything
  • Place CTAs at the top
  • Have only one conversion goal
  • Use a lot of whitespaces
  • Use Click-to-Call CTA buttons
  • Remove navigation links

It’s true, mobile landing page design is a big science which combines mobile and responsive web design, copywriting, consumer psychology and marketing. Knowing the most effective tips will allow you to avoid numerous mistakes in the design process.

Of course, you still have to find someone who will build the actual page and do all the coding work for you i.e. hire android app programmer or iOS developers but knowing these tips will definitely make all things easier. So, let’s begin. The first one on our list is…

Always Use One-Column Layout

Unlike desktop design, where you can have two or three columns, the small resolution of mobile devices makes it hard to perceive content with a two or three-column layout. Mobile users don’t like to go left and right, they prefer scrolling up and down instead. Therefore, you must always use linear one-column layout for your mobile landing pages.

Make Buttons Big Enough

Buttons of insufficient size can totally disrupt your design. Aim to make buttons at least 80px in height and as wide as possible. CTA buttons is what gets you conversion so it makes sense to take your time to make them as noticeable and attention-grabbing as you can.

Create a Separate Dedicated Mobile Landing Page

Don’t even try to make your desktop landing page optimized for mobile or simply redirect mobile traffic to it. You must create a separate mobile-optimized landing page and direct all your mobile traffic to it.

Make Your Copy Short

Yes, it’s true that long landing pages tend to enjoy higher conversions. However, things are different when it comes to mobile pages. You see, mobile users are short on time. Many of them don’t like reading long pages, they prefer short pages with clear CTAs. Therefore, ensure that your page is as brief as possible and gets straight to the point, without sacrificing conversions though.

Speed Is Everything

We bet you already know that your website’s speed directly affects your bounce rate and many other things. And when it comes to mobile traffic, this is even more important. If your page is too slow, many users will simply leave without waiting till it loads. Consequently, you will lose potential leads, customers, and sales.

Final Words

We hope you found this article useful. Mobile landing page design requires a different approach than desktop design. The behavior of mobile users is different. Such things as high loading speed, brevity, and clarity of copy, large buttons, one-column layout – these things will make your mobile landing page enjoy higher conversions.