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Top 5 influential investors in cryptocurrency

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The trend of investing in cryptocurrency has shown immense growth over the last few years. Compared to other forms of trading, many people prefer investing in cryptocurrency as it yields them more profits. The more the profits you get, the more the risk you must face. So, trading with cryptocurrency also involves high risk. Most cryptocurrencies are volatile and are stored as digital assets. Several studies say that people gain bulk profits for their lifetime by investing in Ripple and Ethereum. To become a great investor in cryptocurrency, you require a proper understanding of its pattern and market performance.

Many people learned how to trade with cryptocurrency and saw huge profits by investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is everyone’s favorite as it offers a decentralized platform for trading. To motivate new investors, here are the 5 topmost investors, who were the game changers of investing in cryptocurrency.

#1: Nakamoto

Nakamoto owns close to 1 million bitcoins that value 19 billion dollars, which led him to be one of the richest persons in the world. He was the one who introduced and implemented the blockchain system into trading and consequently brought an end to the double-spending problem. The creation of bitcoin carries a history, which remains a mystery. The name Satoshi Nakamoto is used by the creator of bitcoins. It is still unclear whether Nakamoto is a person or a group of people. Whatever the reasons could be, Nakamoto tops the list of attaining huge profits.

#2: Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is very popular among people who want to enter the market of cryptocurrency. He made his net worth reach around $8 billion by mobilizing cryptocurrencies for top banks and financial institutions. The best thing to know about Chris Larsen is he is the executive chairman and the co-founder of Ripple, which is blockchain software. Ripple has its own currency called XRP, and the software supports in recording and verifying of several transactions and different assets over the cryptocurrency.

#3: Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin is the trendsetter of investing and has been a powerful player in the market of the crypto game. He earned a net worth of around 1 billion to 5 billion by being a consistent and successful investor into projects like the bitcoin loophole UK. Interesting information that all of you must know about Lubin is he is one of the Canadian founders of a blockchain platform related to Ethereum. He developed smart thinking towards investing in cryptocurrency inspired by a paper written by Nakamoto, since the inception of cryptocurrency.

#4: Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao owns the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange called Binance. His friends and followers call him with love and passion as CZ. Very recently, the company launched its own cryptocurrency called Binance coin that adopts the functionality of the Ethereum blockchain. He piled up a crypto wealth of nearly 2 million by enabling more than 6 million users for his product/company. He turned out to be an expert investor in the crypto market after gaining great expertise while serving as a chief technology officer at OKCOIN. He is considered as a real role model cum inspiration for newcomers who want to get into trading with cryptocurrency.

#5: Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

The twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have a great history behind their achievements. With gaining a decent amount of 65 million dollars from the Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, against an indictment, these brothers got into investing in various project ventures that include bitcoin as well. Reports say that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss together own 1% of bitcoins throughout the world, which equals to a net worth of over 1 billion dollars. The brothers have recently launched their own cryptocurrency exchange named Gemini along with Ether which they already hold in their company.

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity year on year with the increase in the number of interested investors. Moreover, the present cryptocurrency market encourages new investors and provides a plethora of trading opportunities with the existence of various cryptocurrencies. Despite the changing environment focussing completely on different digital currencies, the growth aspect is always going to be consistent. So new investors can take a chance to invest in cryptocurrency and learn to manage the risks they encounter.

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Article by William Harper

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