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Top 5 ecommerce sites in Japan 2021

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Below, we will introduce EC Sites in Japan from 1st to 5th in order. The market size of each company introduced along with the ranking is calculated based on the total amount of distribution in the financial year 2019.

1. Rakuten (3,900 billion yen)

Rakuten Market was the first to reach the top. It is a pioneer of EC sales in Japan. The feature is the cooperation of each service in the group such as Rakuten Card, Rakuten Travel, and Rakuten Mobile.

In addition, this number is not only for Rakuten Market, but also for the total distribution amount of flea market apps and Rakuma, which are linked services.

2. Amazon Japan (3,428 billion yen)

Next in second place was Amazon, which has a large market share around the world. Unlike Rakuten Market, it is a marketplace-type e-commerce mall where each company and brand sells one item at a time.

The Prime service is playing a role in creating Amazon fans. You can enroll for 500 yen including tax for the monthly plan and 4,900 yen including tax for the annual plan, and you can receive various services of member benefits such as free express delivery and subscription use of Amazon prime.

3. Yahoo Shopping (890.1 billion yen)

Third place is Yahoo! Shopping. The distribution amount was 890.1 billion yen. In Japan, it is often said that Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo are the top three, but Yahoo! Japan wants to overcome the top two companies that cannot easily catch up. That’s why they decided  to buy a majority stake in ZOZOTOWN,, a fashion e-commerce store.

4. ZOZOTOWN (324.8 billion yen)

4th place ZOZOTOWN is an e-commerce mall specializing in apparel. The distribution amount is low compared to the top three sites, but considering that they were comprehensive e-commerce malls, the ability of fashion alone to break into this ranking is quite good. Now ZOZOTOWN was opened in the PayPay Mall, which is operated by Yahoo!.

5. WOWMA (128.7 billion yen)

Wowma!, which is operated by KDDI company mainly for AU mobile users. From May 2020, the name has changed to “au PAY Market” in response to the change in the service name of au payment and EC to “au PAY”. An EC mall that is strong in fashion, home appliances, daily necessities, cosmetics, and gourmet food.

Buying products from Japan is quite difficult. Many Japanese websites won’t accept international credit cards and do not ship overseas.  If you want to shop on popular websites, you can use the Japan proxy service to get your favorite items.

Story by Mark Spencer

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