Top 3 expert tips for public relations

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Most businesses are aware that PR is important but few understand where to place their focus and how to go about it. The thought of outsourcing to a PR agency usually bring up concern around cost, time, and messaging. In this article, I have provided you with some expert tips on what types of PR are working for small businesses now without costing you loads.

Old-school PR typically focuses on press releases and product announcements. While still relevant, the digital age has ushered in different and frankly more cost-effective ways to create consistent messaging to your consumer.

Do a quick search of the best PR services in London and you will quickly find that most are still focused on the news conference spotlight type of PR. What most companies and customers crave now though is a digital approach that can reach them across multiple channels and platforms.

Tip #1: Newsworthy

No news is not good news when it comes to PR. In fact when you make the news for an award or a special guest appearance make sure the whole world is aware. These earned media spots allow you to take the stage, so to speak and reach a different audience base then you usually would.

Being on TV, radio, or podcasts also adds a lot of authority and trust to what your business is about. Ways to go about getting this coverage include:

  • Securing speaking engagements
  • Booking podcast interviews and marketing them
  • Entering and winning awards
  • Public speaking tours

Tip #2: Synergy with Social Media

Social media is still relevant and a great place to connect with other businesses. Your reputation is everything and people still buy predominantly from word of mouth. Make sure your reputation is in check and any less than positive reviews are handled properly. This is a great time to hire the best pr services in london to make sure your business has a great rep and people know about it.

These PR services are not expensive and can add a lot of value to your business. They also should bring in important influencers to increase engagement.

Pro-Tip: When meeting with an agency, be very clear about what your brand message is and who your target audience is.

Tip 3: Content Matters

Understanding the importance of content is critical if you want your audience to engage and want to be involved with what you are doing. Choosing seasoned PR experts who understand the right way to position your company via web media can increase your visibility and also protect your reputation.

Content should always be:

  1. Interesting
  2. Relevant
  3. Helpful
  4. Resourceful

It also should include everything from social media posts to blogs, to email campaigns and other forms of content marketing.

Pro-Tip: Getting a professional agency to create your content is also a good way to protect your company from faux pas that can affect your businesses reputation

Wrap Up

Public relations are an important part of any good companies marketing. Make sure your business is using the latest approaches to PR and not just relying on the occasional press piece. Synergising attention in the news, social media visibility and engaging content is all a part of a winning PR strategy.

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