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Top 10 tips to save money on grocery shopping

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Food is one of the most essential parts of the family budget. Sometimes you can spend too much on it, and there is nothing left to buy a Netflix subscription or to sign up on certified online bets here on 22Bet. Yet, you can save more money without reducing the quality of your meals, and these tips will help you.

Plan your menu for the week

If you know exactly what to make and when to make it, you can determine what you need to buy and what is already in the fridge in excess. This will keep you from making rash purchases and worrying about what to make for dinner during the week.

Make a list

Even if you have a great memory, you shouldn’t rely on it in this matter. Write down a list of things to buy on a piece of paper or put it on your smartphone.

Take a walkman

It’s a fact that slow background music increases in-store sales by 38%. Less meditative tunes coming from headphones will help keep you from falling for this trick.

Eat healthy

A hungry person is not difficult to tempt with food, and he will fill the basket much more actively. Scientists have even calculated how much: If you don’t eat beforehand, you’ll spend on average 64 percent more than you would with a full stomach.

Pick the right time

Running out for bread after work is likely to be during rush hour. Shopping on a large scale is better planned for a more appropriate time. Then you’ll avoid huge lines and crowded aisles, and the shelves won’t be gapingly empty.

To figure out the right time, think about when it is most inconvenient to go to the shop. By the way, some stores offer additional discounts for special shopping days and hours, and look for the information on the information board.

Limit the time

Set yourself a goal to do your shopping in a certain but reasonable amount of time. Strict timing will prevent you from “seeing something else” and spending too much. By the way, the “something else” category rarely includes anything you need.

Don’t buy too much food

Even with a list, you can buy too much food, like two bags of carrots instead of one for soup. You use as much as you need, and the rest runs the risk of spoiling.

Look below and above

The shelves at eye level are reserved for the most expensive items. So it’s worth lowering your gaze to find products with a more reasonable price. Note that cheaper doesn’t mean worse. Just compare the compounds.

Don’t get overwhelmed at the checkout

By the checkout, there is the danger zone of spontaneous shopping. An agonizing wait in line can make you want to reward yourself, and there’s a candy bar on the shelf. Then you suddenly need wet wipes, throat-softening lollipops, and lemonade to wash down the sweetness of the chocolate bar.

That’s exactly what the marketers are counting on. So, show some fortitude yourself and keep your child occupied with something other than contemplating the shelves.

Examine the contents of the cart

Do a product inspection. Perhaps something you grabbed from the shelf without thinking. It’s a good time to put away what you don’t need and not spend more than you need.

Story by Eunice Andrews

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